Bus operators explain hike of transport fares

Students at Link Bus terminal in Fort Portal City following closure of schools in June. Transport fares have been hiked ahead of Christmas. PHOTO/FILE 

What you need to know:

  • The new fares come following the increase of fuel prices in the months of October and November.

Bus operators have said  the adjusted transport fares from Kampala to different parts of the country take effect today.
The acting chairperson of United Bus Owners Association (UBOA), Mr Solomon Nsimire, said the new fares are based on a consultative meeting following the increase of fuel prices in the months of October and November.
“After the consultative meeting, different operators came up with new transport fares that will enable them continue serving their customers,” he said.

Marginal increase
“On average, all bus fares have been increased by between Shs5,000 and Shs8,000 and  we hope that this increment will help us cover  up the increased cost so that we can continue working,” he added.
Mr Robert Mutebi, the secretary of UBOA, said the Covid-19 regulations also affected their business.
“When we resumed working all the public vehicles were loading half capacity and this meant that to continue operating we had to double the fares  but we did not because of the economic condition. We increased  to between 40 and 50 percent as opposed to increasing it by 100 percent,” he said.

Destination                New fare
Western region

Masaka                  Shs 20,000
Mbarara                 Shs40,000
Ntungamo            Shs 50,000
Rukungiri     Shs 60,000
Kabale     Shs 70,000
Kisoro     Shs 80,000
Kanungu     Shs 50,000
Kasese     Shs 60,000
Hoima      Shs  30,000
Wanseko     Shs 40,000
Kyangwali     Shs 50,000
Masindi     Shs 30,000
Fort Portal     Shs50,000
Kagadi     Shs 35,000
Mutukula     Shs 35,000
Kisiizi      Shs 70,000
Ibanda     Shs  50,000
Kamwenge     Shs  60,000
Bundibugyo     Shs 55,000
Bwera     Shs 60,000
Northern region
Migera              Shs 35,000
Kigumba               Shs 45,000
Bweyale            Shs 45,000
Karuma               Shs  45,000
Hamdin corner     Shs 45,000
Gulu                      Shs 50,000
Kitgum                 Shs 65,000

Lukung     Shs 75,000
Palabel     Shs  85,000
Paloda     Shs  85,000
Orom      Shs 85,000
Karenga     Shs  95,000
Agoro     Shs  75,000
Abim     Shs 75,000
Pader     Shs  75,000
Lira     Shs  50,000
Aduku     Shs 55,000
Apach     Shs  65,000
Alegu     Shs  75,000
Moyo     Shs 75,000
Yumber     Shs  95,000
Eastern region
Jinja     Shs 20,000
Iganga     Shs 30,000
Mbale     Shs  40,000
Kachumbala     Shs  40,000
Bukedea     Shs  45,000
Kumi     Shs  45,000
Soroti     Shs 50,000
Serere     Shs  60,000
Katakwi     Shs  60,000
Iriiri     Shs 65,000
Matany     Shs 70,000
Moroto     Shs  80,000
Amuria     Shs 65,000
Kotido     Shs 90,000
Kabong     Shs  95,000
Karenga     Shs 100,000
Ochero     Shs 60,000