City authorities issue new taxi routes

Kampala Capital City Authority has issued routes and numbers for commuter taxis plying to different areas to ensure that there is no congestion in the city centre today. FILE PHOTO

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has issued routes and numbers for commuter taxis to ensure there is no congestion in the city centre as public transport resumes today.

For instance, Jinja-Kampala route has been assigned number one, Luzira route is number three, Mbarara route is 38 while Entebbe route is 78. There are more than 120 routes identified.

President Museveni allowed public transport vehicles to start operating today but are to carry half the standard number of passengers allowed.

Taxis plying Jinja side (1-to 27) exit the city through Burton Street, Buxton, Snay Bin Road then connect to Nkrumah Road and join Jinja Road at Railway Grounds.

Taxis, with route numbers from 31 to 58, operating in the New Taxi Park will use Mackay Road, Berkley (Bakuli) Road to exit and enter the city.

Public transport operators from Kisenyi Park (route number 59 to 73) will use Kisenyi, Ssemugooma, Rubaga Road and Berkley (Bakuli) Road for exit and entrance.

In the new system, some taxi operators working in neighbouring towns will not be allowed to deviate to other routes despite access to alternative roads.

No access
Taxis that operate in parks outside the central business district such as Nakawa and Nateete taxi parks, will not be allowed to access the city.
The Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, Mr Patrick Onyango, said yesterday an inter-security agency committee was still holding a meeting with KCCA officials on how they will manage traffic in the city since one of the largest transport terminal point, the Old Taxi Park, is under renovation.

Superintendent of Police Onyango said they want to know KCCA’s plan on where the taxis that used to operate in the Old Taxi terminal will park in the meantime.

Government issued curfew between 7pm and 6:30am around the country in attempt to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease.

During the first ease of the lock down where owners of private cars were allowed to drive, many motorists were held up in traffic after curfew, leading to hundreds of arrests.

Police officers said they will continue with the arrests even when public transport is allowed to operate.

Transport operators with buses and omnibuses plying long routes such as Kampala-Gulu, Kampala-Mbale and Kampala-Soroti, may not be able to make return journeys as they will have to beat the curfew time.

Additionally, they will not be able to make much profits like before.