Dokolo FDC leaders abandon Amuriat, endorse Akena Obote for 2026 presidency

Uganda People's Congress party leader, Mr Jimmy Akena Obote addresses supporters at Angwecibange Primary School in Dokolo District on May 18, 2024. PHOTO/BILL OKETCH

What you need to know:

  • Mr Akena, a son of UPC founding leader , the late Apollo Milton Obote, said he was honoured to receive his brothers and sisters back to the Congress.

Hundreds of supporters of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in Dokolo District have abandoned their party leader Patrick Oboi Amuriat and endorsed UPC’s Jimmy Akena Obote as their potential presidential candidate in the 2026 general elections.

Dozens of FDC influential leaders and a section of supporters of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party also surrendered their t/shirts, party cards and defected to the Akena-led Uganda People’s Congress, UPC party.

The defectors claim it is only the Congress party that will deliver them to the "promised land."

They include the Dokolo FDC spokesperson, Mr Bosco Owida, the district party treasurer, Ms Florence Awor; Mr Jimmy Jacob Okeng (the Dokolo North Constituency chairperson, also a member of national delegate), and Mr Vincent Opito, Dokolo South Constituency chairperson, also a member of National Executive Committee (NEC).

Others are Benard Olila (youth chairperson, Dokolo North), Mr Jebidayo Odongo (Dokolo FDC mobiliser), Pius Ojok (youth chairperson for Dokolo North), Ms Susan Emede (Dokolo FDC women mobiliser), and James Ekuju (FDC mobiliser for Dokolo South).

They were officially welcomed to UPC during a mobilisation rally held at Angwecibange Primary School playground in Dokolo Town on May 18.

Mr Fred Ebil Ebil, UPC Secreatary General distributes party cards to FDC influential leaders who claim they defected from FDC to UPC in Dokolo District on May 18, 2024. PHOTO/BILL OKETCH

Mr Opito said they have not crossed to UPC to “eat” but to work for the common good of the party.  

Mr Akena, a son of UPC founding leader , the late Apollo Milton Obote, said he was honoured to receive his brothers and sisters back to the Congress.

“What we are fighting for is for all our benefits. When we succeed, everybody will benefit equally. It will not know this is UPC, tNRM, FDC. What we are fighting for as UPC is for the citizens of Uganda,” Mr Akena, also the Member of Parliament for Lira City East Division, said further assuring party members of adequate support.

“I also want to send a message to all those who have come that when we go through our process and somebody is holding the party flag, I will support my candidate up to the end,” he added.

“Whoever is holding the UPC flag is my candidate, and that is the one I’m going to fight for, mobilise for. I’m going to defend and I’m going to make sure their votes are counted. I demonstrated what I’m able to do. I am ready to do it again and again and again,” he said.

Mr Akena also cautioned UPC leaders against discrimination.

“A party member has the right of a party member. It doesn’t matter if you have been there 20 years, five years, or you’ve been there for one day. The right of a member is a right of a member, and that task we have ahead is very big,” he explained.

He added; “I am ready for that task but we need more workers, and we are looking for those workers. That is why we are out to recruit wherever we are going. So, I, as Jimmy Akena, welcome everybody as full Congress members today, and I will be working with the leadership in Dokolo to make sure every member is comfortable.”                  

Mr Akena further said they have embarked on serious mobilisation across the country until 2026 when they expect to capture state power.

“We are mobilising for the whole of Uganda. Two weeks ago, we were in Kabale District. We opened an office there. Next week, I’m in Kitgum. We have started the mobilisation. We are not stopping until 2026 is over. Everywhere in Uganda, we are going to be flying our flag,” he said.