Election rigging could lead to coup, says Mbabazi

Mr Mbabazi

Kampala/Moroto- Go Forward presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has warned that vote rigging could lead to a coup in the country.
Addressing journalists at Mt Elgon Hotel in Mbale Town on Sunday, Mr Mbabazi said the higher the vote rigging, the higher the chances of a coup d’état.

He advised his supporters to ensure they protect their votes by not leaving the polling stations.
“Election rigging is usually done on the computers in Kampala but leave that for me. I want you to know that election rigging is like a coup d’état and this depends on the level of rigging, the higher it is, the more the chances that it can attract a coup d’état,” said Mr Mbabazi.

Mr Mbabazi’s comments come a couple of days after NRM candidate Yoweri Museveni said he will not be leaving power.

Speaking at a rally in Rwashamaire, Ntungamo District last week, Mr Museveni likened himself to a farmer who plants his banana plantation saying there is no way he can leave when the plantation is just starting to bear fruits.

Mr Jotham Taremwa, the Electoral Commission spokesperson, said Mr Mbabazi should, instead of making threats, report anyone who is planning to rig the elections.

“Election rigging is illegal. Mr Mbabazi is better placed to share that information with us and the police to act on it. On our part, we are committed to organising free, fair and transparent elections,” Mr Taremwa said.

Speaking at the beginning of his campaigns this year, FDC presidential candidate Kizza Besigye, who claims he has been rigged out in the last three elections, said he will not seek legal redress even if he suffers the same rigging this time round.

However, while campaigning at Boma grounds, in Moroto, on Sunday, Dr Besigye responded to Mr Museveni’s statements saying the NRM leader is simply “kidding” and that he will leave power, “by all means”.

He said Uganda is not Mr Museveni’s personal property.

“This country (Uganda) is not the personal property of Mr Museveni. He will go come shine come rain, you wait and see,” Dr Besigye said, before scoffing at what he called the “steady progress rhetoric”.

“Jiggers, hunger, thirst are killing people in Karamoja but Mr Museveni is saying steady progress. Progress of what?” he asked.
Steady progress is the slogan candidate Museveni is using as he seeks his fifth elective term of office.