God using me to rebuild education sector, says Janet

First Lady, Janet Museveni. 

What you need to know:

  • Ms Museveni in her statement revealed that she has been abused with “ugly” and “filthy” words but chose not to respond due to her inspiration from Jesus Christ.

The Minister of Education and Sports, Ms Janet Museveni, said God is using her to transform the education sector and reiterated that “the quality of education is and will continue to change for the better.”

In an August 30 statement carried by government newspaper, the New Vision, Ms Museveni, who is also the First Lady, laid down her academic qualifications as well as spiritual convictions saying she is the right person to better the education system. 

“I am confident that I am exactly where God wants me to be, at the Ministry of Education and Sports. I also know with no doubt in my mind that God put me at the Ministry of Education and Sports and He is using me to rebuild the education of this country, Covid notwithstanding,” Ms Museveni said.

Ms Museveni also talked of a thriving sector under her stewardship, despite the impact of the pandemic that has seen learning institutions and calendar interrupted for two years.   

Ms Museveni, in her statement revealed that she has been abused with “ugly” and “filthy” words but chose not to respond due to her inspiration from Jesus Christ.

“What comforts me always is to remember that Jesus Christ, the son of God, was spat at, so, who am I to care about other people’s opinions of me,” she said.

Ms Museveni said she would have turned down the presidential appointment if she was not confident of her competences

“I, therefore, know what I am qualified to do. If I was not qualified to head the Ministry of Education and Sports, I would not wait to be told by others, I would not even accept the appointment, neither would President Museveni appoint me, for I do not have to be in government,” she said. 

She was responding to an article, also carried by the government paper, “Uganda’s Education Problem is not the Minister II” that sought to vindicate the First Lady of the blame heaped on her for the short comings in the sector. 

The article was prompted by the backlash against Ms Museveni after she asked to meet the Parliamentary Education Committee at Kololo Ceremonial Ground, as opposed to Parliament.

Ms Museveni has been at the helm of the sector for five years following the presidential appointment in 2016.She had earlier served as minister for Karamojong Affairs for five years.  

As political head, she is mandated to play roles including determining policy and exercising relevant statutory powers and functions within the ambit of her portfolio, giving policy and political guidance to her ministry. 

She is also responsible to Parliament in ensuring that the Ministry carries out its functions properly, defending budget in Parliament and answering questions raised about her ministry by Members of Parliament or the public, among others.  

Ms Museveni, who holds a degree in Education  and a diploma in Early Childhood Education, as well as a master’s degree in Organisational Leadership  from Uganda Christian University, said she qualifies academically if that is the standard to go by.