Government responds to excessive state house staff-salary reports

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo speaking to the media about State House Salary structure at Uganda Media Center on Wednesday. PHOTO BY Rachael Mabala

Following the recent media reports that some of state house staff members earn three times the president’s salary, Government has come out to shed more light on the matter.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo in a press briefing at the Uganda Media Center on Wednesday said the documents obtained by the MPs had typo errors on the figures of the said salaries.

“These errors were pointed out to parliament and each Member of Parliament also got the corrected version of the lists through emails that MPS access on their Ipads. This is to emphasize that State House, like any other government institution, has its monies appropriated by Parliament and it follows the normal Public Service Salary Scales save for a few who are appointed on a person to holder salaries.

According to Mr Ofwono Parliament has never cleared such astronomical figures for State House and that there was an obvious error that was identified in time and corrected.

“It was unfortunate that some Members of Parliament chose to ignore the facts,” he said.

Mr Ofwono was flanked by the deputy Presidential Press Secretary; Ms Linda Nabusayi who issued another statement detailing what she claimed was the right figures of the salary structure of all the statehouse employees.

“The structures that appeared in the media recently quoted annual salaries and passed them off as monthly salaries,” Ms Nabusayi.

Below is the statement on all the salaries of all the State House employees.