Govt resorts to ‘human approach’ to curb corruption

Mr Museveni (wearing hat) tours the State House Anti-Corruption Unit offices in 2018. PHOTO | FILE

The Directorate of Ethics and Integrity in the Office of the President has introduced a human-centered approach to fight corruption in the country.

The “District Integrity Promotion Forum” encompasses the participation of the local people, civil society organisations, and leadership of the respective districts and cities to promote integrity to curb corruption.

Speaking during the launch of the Acholi Sub-regional Forum from Kitgum Municipality on Wednesday, the Director of Ethics and Integrity, Mr Alex Okello Bwangamoi, said they are no longer focusing on corruption but rather emphasising the promotion of integrity where there is no corruption.

“I am hopeful, we are not talking about fighting corruption anymore because when we talk about fighting, the person will get ready to fight back, but when you talk about promoting integrity, everybody wants to have good life and exhibit integrity. We assume that this is a human approach to solving corruption amicably by all,” Mr Okello said.

He added: “When we are doing this, we are not talking about corruption, we are emphasising the promotion of integrity in its wholeness. Even where there is no corruption.’’

The composition of the forum includes both state and non-state actors at all levels under the stewardship of the resident district and city commissioner.

The forum is intended to support existing legal frameworks in the fight against corruption such as the Anti-Corruption Act of 2009 and the Whistleblowers Protection Act of 2010. 

It seeks to discuss and address hiccups of service deliveries at the local government levels at its early stage without engaging the Inspectorate of Government and other anti-corruption agencies.

Mr Okello disclosed that the forum will be in the sub-regions of Acholi, West Nile, Karamoja, Lango, and Teso.

Mr Sebastian Ogoni, the deputy resident district commissioner for Lamwo, said the forum will get everyone on board to appreciate the problems relating to corruption which he described as cancerous.

“There have been a lot of abuses of public offices and moral decay. This forum will try and tie the loose ends that are used to abet corruption in the country. I urge my colleagues to use the forum to coordinate, report, and amend matters relating to corruption and service delivery,” he said. 

Mr Solomon Nokrach, the field officer for the Forum for Women in Democracy in Acholi Sub-region, called for capacity building and equipping of this forum for effective delivery.