Guard shot dead, gun taken in broad daylight Luwero attack

Police and residents at the scene where a private security guard was shot dead and his gun taken by unknown assailants in Wobulenzi town in Luweero District. PHOTO/DAN WANDERA

Police and the army have launched a manhunt for an unknown assailant who reportedly wrestled a security guard, grabbed his gun and shot him dead before fleeing with it in Luweero District in central Uganda. 
The assailant who stormed Advance Micro Smart Microfinance Office located in Wobulenzi Town Council at around midday, according to the police investigations team, shot and killed the guard identified as Leon Odong, 20, attached to SGA Security Group.

“We got information that the suspect who disguised as a mad person carrying some rubbish wrestled the guard at the entrance of the Microfinance office before shooting him dead. He later disappeared with the gun that was in possession of the deceased,” Mr Patrick Lule, the acting Savana Region Police spokesperson said.
Mr David Ssegalye, an eyewitness revealed that the gunman who was dressed in civilian clothes quickly wrapped the gun in a ragged bag and walked through the corridors of the building opposite the block that houses the Advance Smart Microfinance office before disappearing through the other buildings.

Wobulenzi Town Council LC3 Chairperson, Mr Moses Ssebalamu who was one of the first responders to arrive at the scene was among the people the assailant allegedly scared off as they tried to make a chase.
“I was among the few people that tried to make a chase but realized that our attempt was risky since the suspect was armed and was not scared as he quickly disappeared through the corridors of the buildings,” he said.
A joint security team composed of the police and the UPDF launched a search operation through areas of Katikamu Sub County and Wobulenzi Town Council in an attempt to recover the gun and try to identify the suspects.

The December 7 attack brings the number of guns robbed in Luweero District to five in just six months. The first two guns were robbed at a police checkpoint at Kiwumpa village on the Kampala –Gulu highway in Luweero District. During the robbery, a police officer was killed by the assailants.
The second attack was at Busiika Police Station in November where the assailants robbed two guns and killed two police officers. The security team is yet to recover the five guns that have been robbed by the unidentified assailants.
In all the attacks, the assailants have not only taken the guns but also killed the officers. The attacks have so far claimed the lives of four police officers and a security guard.