I can't support the age limit bill, says Mpigi NRM MP

Mr Lubyayi speaks to residents at the consultative meeting. Photo by Sadat Mbogo

MPIGI- Mr John Bosco Lubyayi Sseguya, the Member of Parliament for Mawokota South,Mpigi District says he cannot support the lifting of the presidential age limit because the majority of people in his constituency have rejected the scheme.

Mr Lubyayi who is also the Mpigi District Chairman of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) said he consulted more than 80 per cent of the people in the sub-counties of Kituntu, Nkozi and Buwama who have all instructed him not to support the age limit bill.

"I cannot dig my grave and kill my political career by supporting just a mere Article 102 (b). Councillors, farmers, business community, opinion leaders and the children told me not to dare touch it. Who am I to resist when they put trust in me to represent them?" he said.

He was speaking to residents of Buwama town during a consultation meeting on the age limit bill
on Sunday.
The bill seeks to scrap the age limit that bars people below the age of 35 and above 75 from contesting for presidency.

"When almost 40,000 voters in a constituency tell me to reject the bill, even if it's money to buy me, I will not accept. I talk this as Lubyayi of the people, not Lubyayi of the NRM. I'll listen to the people's opinion but not basing on an individual," said.

Mr Dan Ssekasamba a resident said: "We want to see you (Lubyayi) as our president one day. So, don't support this bill because it gives Mr Museveni an opportunity to rule for life and this means that you will lose that chance of becoming our president."

Mr Joseph Musoke, a councillor for elderly persons in Buwama Sub-county advised legislators to restore term limits of the president because it will be the only path for peace in future.

Recently, Mawokota North MP, Ms Amelia Kyambadde fled a consulatative meeting in Mpigi town after rowdy crowds warned her not to support the impending Constitutional amendments.
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