Idle land escalating wrangles - minister

Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba speaks during her visit to Bushenyi Village, Rugando Sub-county in Rwampara District on July 7, 2023. PHOTO/ COURTESY 

What you need to know:

  • Ms Nabakooba said fraudsters are always taking advantage of land not being utilised by the occupants.

Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba has linked the ongoing land wrangles to redundant land in different parts of the country.
 Ms Nabakooba said fraudsters are always taking advantage of land not being utilised by the occupants.

“They use this chance to grab and claim ownership and this has become a challenge to us,” the minister said.

“Therefore, I advise the new landlords to register their land into a trustee person agreed upon by the family such that they curb conflicts and people who may want to sell off their land,” she added.
Ms Nabakooba made the remarks while handing over freehold land titles to beneficiaries in Bushenyi Village, Rugando Sub-county in Rwampara District on Friday.

Government through the Uganda Land Fund (ULF) has purchased free land titles for the residents.
A section of people from Rwampara County and Rwampara East benefited from the exercise, with 222 and 2,539 free holders titles issued in the two areas, respectively.

Government, the minister said, has through ULF purchased 523 square miles of land across the country to stop illegal evictions.
Ms Nabakooba, who congratulated beneficiaries upon elevation from occupants to landlords, cautioned them against land fragmentation.
She revealed that Rugando Sub-county residents had earlier been given 400 land titles. And in total, 6,220 free holders titles have been issued in the area.

“Today, we are beginning a new generation of landlords with titles and you are going to hold them forever. This is one of our (NRM) manifesto implementation plans to help us resolve land disputes but also to resolve the multiple interests on a piece of land,” she said.
Ms Nabakooba also cautioned residents about money lenders who take away people’s properties after failing to pay back the loans.

“Don’t sell off your land. Also, avoid going for loans, especially from money lenders because they will take your land for free,” she cautioned.
Mr Augustine Bujara, a representative from the Uganda Land Commission, said 10,000 land titles have been given out in Uganda in the past one and a half years. A total of 2,500 land titles were given out in Kakumiro in January, 5,000 titles in Bunyangabo, while  Kibaale received 4,500 land titles.

Of the 2,539 land titles given out in Rwampara East, 1769 free land holds were given to men, accounting for 69.7 percent, 507 land titles were given to females, which is  equivalent to 19 percent. Jointly owned land titles  are 155 (6.1 percent). Other 108 titles are for institutions.