Israeli man kills Ugandan wife after child's DNA results turn negative – police

The septic tank where Israeli national Raed Wated hid his wife's body after allegedly committing the murder. PHOTO | BRIAN ADAMS KESIIMA

What you need to know:

  • The Israeli man reportedly suspected Nabukenya of infidelity which prompted him to take their 6-month-old child for a DNA test that turned negative.

Police in Mpigi District are holding an Israeli man, who reportedly killed his wife and hid her remains in a septic tank.

According to police, Raed Wated, a resident of Kalagala Village in Mpigi District first reported a case of disappearance of his wife Monica Nabukenya,25, on July 16, 2023.

Wated reportedly suspected Nabukenya of infidelity which prompted him to take their 6-month-old child for a Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) test.

“Wated decided to take the child for a DNA test and it so happened that the results turned negative,” a police statement reads in part.

When he returned home and after some confrontations, police say he decided to kill his wife and dump her body in a septic tank in their compound, and partially covered the corpse with soil.

"In the process of interrogation, detectives at Kayabwe Police Station asked the suspect to take them to his home. On their arrival, they were hit by a stench of a decomposing body. They searched and found it in a septic tank. After questioning, Taheed admitted killing his wife because of the negative DNA test results," the police statement adds.

Richard Ddumba, the chairperson of Kalagala Village, Kayabwe Town Council, said the couple has been living a private life until recently when he received information that they had disagreed over the paternity of a six-month-old baby.

“What I know is, the couple had only one baby, when the man received rumours that the baby belonged to another man, he took the child for a DNA test which proved that he is not the real father,” he said.

Ddumba said a distressed Wated approached him four months ago saying he was pushing for a divorce.

It is alleged that Wated filed a divorce case but court was yet to pronounce itself on the matter when the murder happened.

“As he was pushing to secure divorce through court, I got shocked to learn that he had allegedly killed the wife already,” he said.

According to Ddumba, the suspected murderer could have killed the wife either last Thursday or Friday.

Editor’s Note: *This story has been revised to reflect that Raed Wated is an Israeli national and no longer an employee of RCC, contrary to what police had noted in their earlier statement.