Iteso to build affordable public hospital

Some of the task force members who want to mobilise money for the hospital. Photo by Stephen Otage

The Iteso living in Uganda and in the Diaspora have formed a task force to fundraise money that would be used to construct a modern public regional referral hospital in Teso region that would help people to access quality medical care cheaply.

The Iteso Welfare Association headed by Eng. Tom Okelloto will conduct a feasibility study for the project intended to revamp the economic and social welfare of people in region that was battered by instability.

 “Teso has one of the lowest social economic indicators in the country. Iteso should exploit their social capital and rebuild Teso from wars and conflicts,” Mr James Oromait the vice chairman of the finance committee told journalists.

He added that Teso region is endowed with intellectual power scattered all over the world which the association intends to tap and stop Iteso from being beggars and achieve sustainable development.

“For over 30 years, Iteso have never recovered from insurgency where they lost their wealth and cattle. Teso has suffered from diseases; the only hospitals in Soroti, Atutur and Katakwi are in bad shape,” he said.

Asked if they are not seizing government duties, Prof. Pius Okong, the chairman health service commission also a member of the task force said as Soroti Regional Referral Hospital is among the best equipped facility in the country but offers poor services because medical workers are overwhelmed by the big number of patients.

 “We are not competing with government but complimenting government efforts. Instead of running to Mulago Referral Hospital, we can have well paid doctors treating our people within Teso,” he said.