Jacob Oulanyah’s most memorable quotes

Deceased: Jacob Oulanyah

What you need to know:

“I want my children to be proud of my name because of the good things I did for the people. Those are the things that make me work with caution when I am handling public matters.”

The Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, whose death President Museveni announced on Sunday afternoon has been described as a cadre, intelligent leader, a perfect lawyer who knew the law very well as well as a ‘very religious man’.

Below are some of the most memorable quotes about politics, marriage and personal life, among others, from the man who has been the Omoro County MP for years;

“I want my children to be proud of my name because of the good things I did for the people. Those are the things that make me work with caution when I am handling public matters.”

"Even where people disagree with me, I have a standard prayer; increase the love of those who love me and change the hearts of those who don’t because it's good to walk into a place and everyone is laughing and welcoming. It's terrible to go to a place and everybody is looking the other side. Just imagine everyday of your life everywhere you go, people are turning their other side"- Jacob Oulanyah in in an exclusive interview with NTV March 2021.

"I like to live a full life. I like to eat well. I like to just be normal. If today I feel like doing boxing, I want to do that."

"My other job, I think I would do comedy. I enjoy it and I can make people laugh and in the process make myself laugh even when I have not laughed loud, my heart is.....When I crack jokes I don't often laugh at them. When People laugh it makes me happy. I try to spend a lot of time making friends and relationships that bring me happiness. I like positive energy. I don't like negative energy."

"I like to be a free person. This is the only life I have. I don't know about the other one because nobody has reported to me in a very conclusive way about what happens after. So, this is the one I have and the one I know. I want to do everything to enjoy it. That's why I like laughter."

“There was a time in Uganda where people had no right of worship. Thanks to President Museveni and the NRM government that ushered in peace and security and promoting right of worship.
Christians and all believers in this country should cling onto President Museveni because he protects their right to worship. Make President Museveni your spiritual hero for continued development in Uganda,” Oulanyah while Christians from Kigezi sub-region who gathered at Rugarama hill to celebrate 80 years of the revival of Christianity in East Africa in August 2015.

“When we look at the church today and our ability to affect society, we realise that we do not have the power of those that came before us. The men and women of the past era had revival powers given to them by God. We need to pray to God to give us such powers.”

“We go to eat food in a restaurant, we quarrel not because I started it. I really tried to make the marriage work but it failed and my friends know that I tried. My marriage did not work out and that’s why I went to court in July. I did not want to disparage anybody. I just wanted something that had failed to work dissolved”- Oulanyah in 2015 about his failed marriage.

“Take time, choose wisely. I did not take time. Study the family background and talk to. These things of falling in love at first sight don’t work. The wedding ring is the smallest handcuff, choose your prison mate properly,” Jacob Oulanyah in 2015 about his failed marriage with Lady Winnie Amoo.

“This Parliament is not for me. It is not for individual MPs. It is for the people of this country. So, if we are working in the interest of the people of this country, why do we have small grievances and small differences affecting what we must do for this country?” Oulanyah on May 25, 2021.

“The purpose of which we exist in this institution is bigger than our own individual issues and differences. We should forgive each other and move on.” -Oulanyah on May 25, 2021.

"If you are to ask me, my honest assessment is that the next five years of [11th] Parliament should not be like the last term (10th Parliament). There are things we must change whether I’m Speaker or not. We have to restore public confidence in this institution. This is the only Parliament which it is jeered at because of the way we are doing business. This coming Parliament must focus on debating issues of national interest, perfecting service delivery to the people and restoration of good relationships with other agencies of government,” Jacob Oulanyah after taking oath as Omoro County MP on May 20, 2021.

“Today (May 20, 2021), another five year journey as MP begins; one in which we must achieve a few things, including focusing on achieving the standard of education, improving health care and boosting Agriculture. I also hope to achieve social economic transformation for my people. There are also some irrigation schemes I want to start in strategic areas to help communities.”