Jinja lesbian couple fled favourite bar after being denied lodge - friends

Police and protestors pictured at PMM Girls School in Jinja City on March 3, 2023. Hundreds of parents with children at the school on Friday stormed the school, protesting against the alleged existence of a teacher promoting homsexuality. PHOTO | TAUSI NAKATO 

What you need to know:

  • The shopkeeper, who operates a kiosk at Danida, Masese Division in Jinja South City Division, but declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter, said the couple has been his customers for a long time.

A shopkeeper has narrated his bizarre encounter with a suspected lesbian couple which includes a senior female teacher at PMM Girls’ School in Jinja City.

The shopkeeper, who operates a kiosk at Danida in Jinja South City Division, but declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter, said the couple has been his customers for a long time.

However, it is what the teacher allegedly told him last month that he is now making sense of after her arrest.

“I know her very well. She always moves with a lady and one day she said: ‘You give my wife a big bottle of soda. I looked at the ‘wife’ and she was very humble.”

“At this point, another customer asked if I knew the teacher’s sexual orientation to which I said I didn’t because I have known her as a woman,” the shopkeeper, who said he last saw the pair last month, said in an interview on Monday.

He added: “And they used to come together; she could not come without that woman she called her wife. You couldn’t understand her because she always had dreadlocks and donned baggy masculine trousers. I have never seen her putting on a skirt.”

According to the shopkeeper, the teacher is “very rich” and has always been spending money. “She is a big spender; whenever she comes, I know that I have got money. She even buys for other people, including men and women,” he said.

The shopkeeper said the teacher always drank Guinness and Leading Waragi, while her female companion occasionally drank Bell Lager beer.

The teacher has since been arrested after her alleged lesbian partner reported her to police, accusing her of neglecting her and engaging in recruiting school girls into the vice, the Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi said.

Mr Mubi said the pair will be taken to court on charges of sexual harassment once the case file is complete.

However, the shopkeeper says he is “happy” the pair have been arrested, adding: “Let her be arrested because that is a very dangerous habit.

Meanwhile, the teacher and her alleged female lover are said to have fled from “Big Daddy”, a local bar in Danida, Masese, Jinja City South Division, where they used to drink malwa, a local brew.

Their prolonged disappearance came after the pair allegedly wanted to spend a night in one of the lodges, but were denied admission by management.

One of the group members, who only identified himself as Sam, said following that incident, group members have shunned the drinking spot for fear of having their sexual orientation questioned.

A mobile money agent from whom the teacher always transacted, described the teacher as a “rich but tough lady” who was always protective of her female companion and took offence when a man touched or seductively talked to her.