Judiciary driver to lose job over low pay complaint – Bigirimana

Kisambira after being released from police custody on May 17, 2023. PHOTO/ISAAC KASAMANI

The Permanent Secretary for the Judiciary has urged top judicial officers not to be moved by the threats uttered by the organ’s embattled driver Stanley Kisambira,  saying that the dissatisfied chauffeur will not be allowed to carry on with his job.

While presenting the Manifesto performance of the Judiciary, PS Pius Bigirimana, Friday said he will not risk the lives of the judicial officers in the hands of what he described as liars like Kisambira.

He noted that Kisambira receives approximately Shs1.3m per month in addition to the known Shs235, 000 salary.

“Kisambira has been driving Justice Godfrey Namundi who is a judge in Mbale and not the chief justice as many have been saying,” Bigirimana noted.

“Now, Justice Namundi is scared but I have told him to calm down because Kisambira will not come back to drive him since he has already threatened [to cause an accident]. Am going to help him [Kisambira] to find a way of getting somewhere else,” he added.

Kisambira was arrested at the beginning of this week to facilitate an investigation into his recorded audio clip that was making rounds on social media in which he complained of his meagre pay.

In the same audio clip, he claimed that the low pay could prompt him to cause an accident, killing all the car occupants including his principal.

Bigirimana revealed Kisambira’s payments saying: “This driver lied. He receives Shs200, 000 as operation funds, he gets a salary of Shs237,000 and also receives a consolidated allowance of Shs720,000 every three months. Shs1.125m is given to him every quarter as consolidated welfare money.”

“This means that in total, Kisambira gets around Shs1.35m but then he goes around telling lies. I have written to him to show causes to why disciplinary action must not be taken against him,” he added.

Kisambira was released on a police bond on Tuesday after charges of offensive communication were slapped against him.

According to the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Uganda Public Service, dismissal from work is the biggest penalty for any public servant who commits an offence or engage in any form of misconduct. Other penalties in the law are; warning or reprimand, suspension, withholding or deferment of increment, Stoppage of increment, surcharge or refund, making good of the loss or damage of public property/assets or interdiction from duty with half pay and reduction in rank.