Kasingye warns police bosses on salaries

AIGP Asan Kasingye

What you need to know:

  • He also advised commanders to be ideologically sound and grounded.

The Police’s Chief Political Commissioner, Mr Asan Kasingye, has cautioned commanders that they risk losing their jobs if they don’t streamline the welfare of their juniors and constables.

Mr Kasingye, who was at Bushenyi Regional Police Headquarters last Thursday to officiate the handover of the office of the Regional Police Commander, accused some commanders of failing to address challenges faced by their juniors, including delay of salaries and wages.

“Previously, Public Service used to pay us by name unlike now when we are paid by number. Out of the 46,000 people paid, we remain with the balance. When we go to the field, some people say ‘afande’, I have not received salary for six months.’ Now, where is the problem?”  he asked.

“An OC writes a letter to a constable missing salary and sends him to take it to the police headquarters. The constable has missed a salary, and you tell him to board a bus. By the time he comes to Kampala, he has spent more money than his salary. ... If it happens here again, just tell me. That person will lose their job,” Mr Kasingye added.

Tipped on ideology
He also advised commanders to be ideologically sound and grounded.

“What differenciates the army from police is ideology. A soldier knows that the main mandate and ideology of the army is the population. The army does its work because it connects with the population. The same should apply to police. Why beat up the people you are serving, why mishandle their cases? Why should someone report a case and keep asking how far you have reached?” Mr Kasingye asked. 

“Why should people every year keep listing police as number one corrupt institution? You know why? Because their mentality sees us by our fruits,” he added.
Mr Kasingye urged the force to protect its image and work with anti-corruption agencies in the region.

“The image of the police is the person who has overstayed in the cells or someone who has sold a goat to get a bond and that [officer] who is making a mess,” the political commissioner said.

The outgoing Bushenyi Greater Regional Police Commander, Mr Bosco Otim, handed over office to Mr Moses Mwanga Kityo, who was transferred from Busoga North. Mr Otim was transferred to Rwenzori East.

Mr Otim attributed his success to team work and a cooperative population.
Mr Mwanga asked the district commanders to render to support him in building cohesion among the force.