King Oyo launches vision 2045

King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV gives a silver jubilee award to his mother Best Kemigisa during his 26th coronation anniversary yesterday at the Karuziika palace in Fort Portal City. PHOTO/ALEX ASHABA

What you need to know:

  • The vision will focus on, among others, promoting the culture and heritage of Tooro, and skills development for youth.
  • This year’s 26 coronation anniversary is celebrated under the theme “Promotion of culture and tourism for local development”.

The Omukama of Tooro, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, has launched Vision 2045 that is aimed at promoting socio-economic development, transformation and prosperity of the kingdom.    

Omukama Oyo, who was celebrating his silver jubilee on the throne, said the kingdom has achieved many developments since he became king in 1995.

“Over the last 25 years, Tooro Kingdom has experienced remarkable progress. The elevation of Fort Portal as a tourism city and return of the kingdom assets and properties following the memorandum of understanding and agreement that I signed with ... President Museveni on September 2, 2019, have laid a strong foundation for the future and prosperity of our great kingdom,”  king Oyo said.  

Vision 2045 will focus on eight key areas, including promoting, preserving and protecting the culture and heritage of Tooro, skills development for youth, investing in agriculture for food security, poverty eradication, employment and wealth creation.

Others are promoting tourism, climate change, environment and water conservation, health for all, ending HIV/Aids by 2030 and intercultural partnership for tackling the pressing challenges, and achieving sustainable development.
King Oyo said the kingdom will work with government and other partners to achieve the vision.

The vision will be under the theme of ‘a better life and prosperity for the people and kingdom of Tooro.’
On the skills development for youth, King Oyo said they will train and skill all the youth on different enterprises to start their own business.

“We shall support our youth, women and men to develop skills to start cottage industries where people work from their homes to benefit from the massive opportunities resulting from the elevation of Fort Portal as the tourism city of Uganda,” he said.

On agriculture, the kingdom will establish model farms that will provide hands-on training, demonstrate various agricultural techniques, promote research and provide education.  

Ms Sheila Ngatia, the UNDP representative, said they will support the kingdom in establishing a kingdom youth ICT and business centre as part of the achieving the vision.

“A process of sourcing equipment has begun, and this includes 20 desktop computers, IT server, networking equipment, printers, projectors and screen, centre furniture, and other items to optimise the use of the primary equipment,”  she said. 

Omukama Oyo also launched the Ekyooto Ha Mpango, an annual event for two weeks, to prepare for his anniversary.
The climax for his 26th coronation anniversary is on Sunday at Karuziika palace in Fort Portal City.

The kingdom prime minister, Mr Bernard Tungwako, said they have invited 200 guests to attend the function due to Covid-19 restrictions.

This year’s 26 coronation anniversary is celebrated under the theme “Promotion of culture and tourism for local development”.

On fighting HIV/AIDS

King Oyo, who is also the United Nations Programme on HIV/Aids (UNAIDs) ambassador for ending HIV/Aids by 2030, said  the kingdom will ensure that no child will be born with HIV in Tooro Kingdom in vision 2045.
“We will promote the test and treat policy so that all people with HIV know their status and are enrolled on HIV treatment,” he said.