Knife-wielding thugs attack women, foreigners at Entebbe beaches, 10 injured

This photo tweeted by Uganda Red Cross society shows their response team and police at one of the beaches Entebbe on December 26, 2019. The humanitarian organisation said on Friday that they rescued about 10 victims of knife attacks by suspected thugs on Boxing Day

What you need to know:

  • Most of the beaches visited by this reporter in Entebbe on Christmas and Boxing Day had a single life saver.

At least 10 people were injured when knife-wielding thugs attacked and robbed revelers on different beaches in Entebbe, Wakiso District on Boxing Day.
Most of the victims were women and foreigners, according to Uganda Red Cross Society.

“Our response action teams in Entebbe last evening monitoring different beaches where a number of incidents were managed and lives saved. Thanks to Marine Police for beefing up our efforts. At about 5pm, a group of youth armed with daggers were seen attacking and cutting revellers and forcefully taking away their possessions including money. Mostly they attacked women and foreigners. Four cases of near drowning rescued, 10 cases of attacks rescued, six RTAs and three referrals,” Ms Irene Nakasiita, the head of Communication Uganda Red Cross said on Friday.
Meanwhile, at least 26 people were rescued from drowning in Lake Victoria in Entebbe and Kalangala District during Christmas and Boxing Day festivities.
Marine police alone rescued four people from drowning at Aero, Lido and Spenah beaches in Entebbe municipality, while nine were rescued around the beaches in Kalangala District.

The rescued people were part of revelers attending different parties and music shows to commemorate Christmas.
Other people were rescued by life savers deployed by Swim Safe, a non-governmental organization fighting against drowning in Uganda.
Mr Anthony Amanya, the Commandant of the Marine Police Unit said on Friday that those rescued had gone swimming in crowded places after taking alcohol, which undermined their ability to swim.

He cautioned revellers to avoid crowded places in the remaining days of the festivities since most entertainment spots don’t have sufficient manpower to handle crowds of more than 20,000 people.
“The situation wasn't so bad. When the go swimming, they should be cautious and do go to deeper areas. Revellers should always consider entertainment venues that are safer for them,” he said.
Last Week, Haji Noor Njuuki, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner in Charge of Entebbe cautioned residents and beach owners that they risk being arrested if they fail to follow guidelines put in place by security to avoid crime during the festive season.

Some of the requirements included deploying life savers on all beaches, demarcating dangerous spots on the Lake and probating people from swimming beyond 6.00pm.
Despite this, most of the beaches visited by this reporter in Entebbe on Christmas and Boxing Day had a single life saver. Some of the places such as Botanical Gardens allowed revellers to swim beyond 6.00 pm.