Lumumba cautions CAOs on Opposition leaders


The National Resistance Movement (NRM) secretary general, Ms Kasule Lumumba, has warned district Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) against being influenced by Opposition district chairpersons while executing their duties.

“It has come to my attention that most of the district Opposition leaders use their positions to intimidate our CAOs, mostly those who have been transferred to new offices such as our CAO in Wakiso and others in different districts,” Ms Lumumba said.

She made the remarks in a speech read for her by the Microfinance minister, Mr Haruna Kasolo, during celebrations to mark the NRM Liberation Day in Wakiso District on Friday.

However, Ms Lumumba did not mention a particular case of a CAO being influenced by a district chairperson.
Ms Lumumba added that the NRM party believes in numbers and progress and asked the CAOs and other technical officers in each district to promote the party’s manifesto.

“When I stop you CAOs from being influenced by the district chairpersons, it doesn’t mean that I have told you to have disagreements with them but when you notice that you’re being influenced, please refuse and report to our offices for technical support. But I also need you people to have harmony and good working relationship with them while executing your duties,” she added.

Courting the Opposition
Meanwhile, the minister in charge of Luwero Triangle, Mr Denis Galabuzi, also promised to recruit Opposition politicians to join NRM, saying the ruling party is a massive party which needs all the good Opposition leaders.