Mbarara abattoir faces closure over dumping waste in R. Rwizi

The abattoir at Ruti Ward in Mbarara has been faulted for dumping animal waste in River Rwizi. PHOTO BY RAJAB MUKOMBOZI

What you need to know:

The abattoir management claims it dumps animal wastes far way from the river but Nema says the waste is washed into the river during the rainy season.


The National Environmental Management Authority (Nema) has threatened to close Mbarara Municipal Council Abattoir in Ruti Ward for allegedly polluting River Rwizi with animal waste.

The regional Nema official in charge of sensitisation and education, Mr Jeconious Musingwire, said the authority has already warned the abattoir management with against the dumping.

He added that the waste is deposited in the river by runoffs during the rainy season.
“The river serves thousands of people and livestock in the south western region but you can see the risk these slaughters at the abattoir are causing. Animals and people risk contracting diseases,” Mr Musingwire said on Friday. He also said Nema has contacted Mbarara Municipal Council to find alternative land appropriate for the abattoir.

The Nema official said some developers do not consult the environment authority and ignore the Environmental Impact Assessment while putting up investments. However, Mr Kassim Ramanthan, a manager of the abattoir, denied the allegations.

Mr Ramanthan said they deposit the animal waste far from the river banks. He added that they welcome guidance from Nema if it has concerns of pollution.

Mr Musingwire said Nema plans to demarcate and gazette all the catchment areas of River Rwizi following the increased contamination of the water source and encroachment on its banks.