Museveni orders two-week lockdown as COVID-19 cases rise

President Museveni on Monday ordered a two-week nationwide lockdown in a bid to combat further spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

The President said that because some people had misused the earlier measures citing 'indiscipline and inconsideration', stringent measures had to be taken to prevent further spread of the virus.

This was Mr Museveni's sixth address to the nation in a space of just two weeks.

He noted that out of the 33 already confirmed cases, 14 had interacted with the public citing the Masaka incident where the patient infected his wife and daughter.

"If people were not behaving carelessly, we wouldn't have spread the virus. Since we are not sure, we should not take risks," Mr Museveni said.

"We have decided to take additional measures. I would have given the public time to adjust. But they may transfer the sickness we are trying to prevent. They may think they are running away from danger when they are taking death to our people in the villages," he added.

Almost all cases are imported except three which were got from those who had returned.

1. Prohibit all movement including private cars, which had earlier been an exception.
2. Suspended shopping malls , arcades starting on April 1.
3. Non food stores closed
4. Supermarkets remain open restricting number of people who enter at a time. Order things online.
5. Established food markets in Kampala and other towns remain open but observe 4metres distance between sellers and buyers
6. Factories make temporary camps for workers
7. Lodges, salons closed
8. Have workers at the farms
9. Essential services like medical, door to door deliveries, security, banks,garbage collectors, cleaning services, fire brigade, water, electricity, URA, UNRA, funeral services
10.Cargo only allowed crew and lorries restricted to only three persons
11.Prohibited gathering of more than five people
12. Curfew starting March 31
13. Government vehicles parked except for security
14. To set up a find with UDB
15. To discuss with banks, electricity and water over bills
16. Government workers stay home except security, health workers
17. Visitors to barracks suspended
18. Government to give food to needy
19. Directed police to arrest politicians who will be found distributing food. To be charged with attempted murder