Museveni warns UWA boss on stray animals

President Museveni speaks with some of the investors of Fol Logistic Uganda Ltd at the rice farm in Lamoki Village, Anaka Sub-county, Nwoya District, at the weekend. Photo by Julius Ocungi

Nwoya- President Museveni has warned Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) executive director Andrew Segguya over his failure to address wildlife invasion into community farmlands.
Mr Museveni said despite continuous reminder to Mr Segguya to have the problems addressed, he [Segguya] and his team have instead been ‘sleeping’.

“The director of UWA needs some kiboko [canes], we have been talking about the issues of wild animals invading people’s gardens for about 10-15 years now, but nothing has been done to address the problem,” he said.

The President made the remarks while reacting to a submission of Nwoya District chairperson Patrick Okello Oryema at the launch of a 2,000 hectares rice farm belonging to FOL Logistics Uganda Ltd, in Anaka Sub-county at the weekend.

Mr Oryema said elephants stray from the park into community land thus affecting local investment in agriculture, adding that many farmlands have been destroyed by the wild animals.

Farmers in Koch Goma Sub-county that neighbours Murchison Falls National Park, are the worst affected by stray elephants.

In response, Mr Museveni said he had earlier proposed that UWA erects electric fences to prevent the wildlife from crossing into community land.

He also advised residents to grow tea and bees, citing that farmers in Kanungu District use the same to drive away elephants. “There are many ways we can use to stop elephants, we can use mechanical or biological ways but UWA officials are sleeping. I promise to wake those who are sleeping in UWA,” Mr Museveni said.

On the launch of the rice farm, Mr Museveni said the initiative will provide employment to residents and encourage farmers to undertake commercial and modern agriculture.
“Commercial farmers are good to residents because they provide jobs and engage in modern agriculture which gives out more output. But if you practice ancient agriculture, you don’t employ [people] because you only use family labour and get low output,” the President said.