North Kigezi Bishop cautions teachers on absenteeism

Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe of North Kigezi Diocese addressing learners and teachers at Kashenyi Secondary School on April 1, 2024 after confirmation of 26 learners to Anglican Church. PHOTO/RONALD KABANZA

What you need to know:

  • Rt. Rev. Asiimwe Onesimus said if teacher absenteeism is not stopped, it will affect students negatively and could lead to school drop out.

The Bishop of North Kigezi diocese in Rukungiri district, Rt. Rev. Asiimwe Onesimus is concerned about the increasing cases of teachers’ absenteeism in schools contributing to the poor performance of learners.

Bishop Asiimwe made the remark during the confirmation of 26 learners of Kashenyi Secondary School in Ruhinda sub-county into the Anglican faith on April 1.

‘’You are paid to work and there must be accountability and value for money. You may claim that money is little but remember you are teachers and you must fulfill the obligation of teaching,” he said.

He said if the vice is not stopped, it will affect students negatively and could lead to school drop out.

“It is very disappointing that there are some teachers who are absent from work stations without permission from their supervisors. And at the end of the month, you find them demanding for money which they have not worked for. For God’s sake, I am going to deal with them,” he vowed.

Bishop Asiimwe said the school board of governors should play their oversight role on absentee teachers.

“I am going to make a follow up on those teachers who are always absent and make sure we discipline them because they are paid to work,’’ he said.

The bishop also asked parents to stop engaging learners in activities that divert them from studies. 

Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe of North Kigezi diocese in Rukungiri District confirming leaners of  Kashenyi Secondary School into the Anglican Church faith on April 1, 2024. PHOTO BY RONALD KABANZA 

“My appeal to parents is that please ensure your children are at school during the school season. Don’t engage them in other activities that are not school related. You should even call at school to check whether your child is at school for the case of day schooling learners,’’ he said.

The school head teacher Mr Wycliffe Mackey Twinomujuni who hailed the bishop for visiting the school said about 100 learners do not turn up for studies daily at the school.

“Absenteeism is not only dangerous to the learner but also to the school and the entire nation. Because with absenteeism children get freedom to engage themselves in wrong acts that end up spoiling their future,” he said.

He added; “There are also some teachers who absent themselves from teachings, others do dodge lessons but we are doing what it takes to make sure we arrest the vice,’’