NSSF-Monitor asked to create varsity mentorship programme

Ms Sandra Twinoburyo, the moderator of the 2021 career fair (left), engages panelists Mr Steven Mwanje, the chief finance officer at NSSF (2nd left), Ms Emma Mugisha, the executive director and head of investment banking at Stanbic Bank (2nd right), and Mr Elijah Kitaka, the founder of True African and former head of Technology at NSSF, during  the career fair at NSSF offices in Kampala last Thursday. PHOTO/STEPHEN OTAGE

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and Monitor Publications, have been advised to transform the annual universities career sessions into a structured mentorship programme to groom leaders.

Speaking at the 2021 virtual NSSF-Monitor universities career fair last Thursday, Mr Elijah Kitaka, the former head of technology at NSSF, said this would have a stronger impact on students because majority will have access to high calibre mentors.

“Mentorship is too expensive. It is impossible for 10,000 people to get two or three hours of a coach at the same time. The good thing with structured programmes is that the people know the timetables and when the programmes are taking place,” he said.

Mr Kitaka, who is also the founder of True African, a messaging company, said by transforming the career fair into a mentorship programme, many high calibre coaches will be happy to support the project because they gain value since they are impacting on a large number of students.

Mr Steven Mwanje, the chief finance officer at NSSF, said compared to the previous expos where they have been visiting universities, they believe they have got more value from the virtual expo this year because they have been speaking to students from several  universities at the same time.

Last Thursday, the annual career fair entered its second day, with the speakers sharing tips with students on how to match their capabilities with the changing new world.

Ms Emma Mugisha, the Stanbic Bank Executive Director  and Head of Investment Banking, told the students that in order to align themselves to the changing new world, they need to keep challenging themselves and work towards overcoming fear.  “When you wake up in the morning, challenge yourself even where you are scared. Try to overcome fear, then boldness will take over,” she said.