NWSC boss Silver Mugisha gets new 5-year term

NWSC MD Silver Mugisha. 

 Mr Silver Mugisha has been reappointed as National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) managing director on a five-year contract from 2023 to 2028.

The NWSC board chairperson, Mr Badru Kigundu, said because of his notable performance in the last 10 years as a managing director of the corporation, the board decided to re-appoint him.

He noted that during the 10 years, the number of people served by piped water has increased from 4.5 million to18 million, and is expected to increase to 28 million by 2028. 

The number of customer connections have also increased from 296,000 to 874,000 and is expected to increase to 1,250,000 by 2018.

Mr Kiggudu also noted that the annual turnovers and assets under management of the corporation also increased from Shs155b to Shs519b and are projected to increase to Shs700b by 2028.

“Because of the notable performances by the managing director and his management team, the board of directors of NSWC, acting in full compliance with Section 16 of NWSC Act, has reappointed Silver Mugisha as NWSC managing director for a period of 2023 to 2028,” Mr Kiggundu said at a press conference in Kampala yesterday.

Mr Kiggundu said during Mr Mugisha’s leadership, NWSC has made significant performance strides which the board relied on for his reappointment.

Ms Sarah Onyiru, a board member, said the board was satisfied by achievements under Mr Mugisha’s leadership regardless of other challenges.

“Not withstanding challenges of operations, and natural calamities like flood, rain, quality of water, things that we have no control over, we still made many achievements under his leadership,” Ms Onyiru said.
Mr Mugisha said his reappointment was a vote of confidence in the corporation management team.

“I assure our esteemed customers and all Ugandans at large that the next five years will be anchored on service acceleration in all corners of Uganda, under our jurisdiction. We have an aggressive expansion agenda to ensure water for all,” he said.