Ochola orders crackdown on bodas after lynching man

Inspector General of Police Martins Okoth Ochola. PHOTO | FILE

The Inspector General of Police, Mr Martins Okoth-Ochola, has ordered the director of Traffic and Road Safety to carry out what he described as an aggressive type of traffic enforcement targeting indiscipline and erratic boda boda riders following the lynching of a driver in a road rage. 

Aziz Bashir, 40, a former driver with United Nations, was lynched by a group of boda boda riders in an incident triggered by a minor road accident at Mengo-Katale in Rubaga Division, Kampala City, on Sunday. 

Two riders have since been arrested on murder offences.

IGP Ochola, who condemned the killing of the driver, said the traffic operations should be widened in due course to target other motorists to ensure that every road user is safe. 

The police spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga, said: “It also shows a complete lack of regard for the lives of other people by selected boda boda riders. Due to the many conflicts, arising out of traffic-related incidents, the IGP has strongly condemned the continuous acts of impunity on our road.”

The manner in which Bashir was killed was condemned by a large section of the public in the media and called for punitive action against errant boda boda riders.  

The incident stemmed from an incident where a rider knocked Bashir’s car. 

According to the police, when Bashir jumped out of the car to complain to the boda boda rider, other cyclists ganged up against the driver. 

The rider rode off prompting Bashir to drive after him. 


“In the process, he accidentally knocked two of the boda boda riders, who had blocked his car and dragged one of the motorcycles, a distance of about one kilometre. …this led to a vicious chase by a gang of boda boda riders, who caught up with the driver, at Lyna Primary School. He then jumped out of the vehicle and attempted to run, but was over powered by a gang of boda boda riders who subdued and stoned him to death,” Mr Enanga said.

The injured boda boda victim, Hakim Magala, was rushed to Rubaga Hospital for further treatment. The body of Bashir was also taken to the mortuary for a postmortem. 

Police have already identified the number plates of several motorcycles that participated in the mob action and the detectives are searching for the riders. 

Mr Kanyike Kiviri, the chairperson of boda boda cyclists, condemned the incident, adding that they are working with the police to identify the suspects. 

“We called all stage chairpersons to create a security network that would help get rid of criminals and save the image of our business,” Mr Kanyike said. 

Road rage incidents are on the increase due to growing traffic jam on all major roads in Kampala Metropolitan Area.

Last week, a civilian was arrested in Kampala City after he pointed a pistol, which his boss had left in the car, at a traffic officer, who had stopped him during the traffic jam.