Opposition demand audit of the Museveni’s 10 point security programme

Leader of Opposition Mr Mathias Mpuuga addresses the media at Parliament, next to him is Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake. PHOTO | DAVID LUBOWA

Opposition leadership in Parliament has tasked President Museveni to outline and update the country on the successes so far of the 10-point programme drawn in 2018 to fight insecurity.

The Leader of Opposition, Mr Mathias Mpuuga, while addressing journalists at Parliament on Wednesday on the matters concerning the security situation in the country, insisted government owes the public accountability since the measures were drawn and budgeted for thus costing taxpayers’ money.

“We want to demand of him to come and offer a score card as to how those measures he so proposed have so far moved because those measures were followed were followed by a request in the budget to fund that security,” Mr Mpuuga said.

Following unprecedented spate of murders that rocked the country, in which a number of high profile murders happened as well as killing a number of residents in  Wakiso District, President Museveni announced a catalogue of measures to curb the murders. Among the proposals made included the installation of CCTV Cameras.

Mr Mpuuga’s address on the matter follows a demand from a section of legislators asking the government to update the country on the suspected bomb attacks in the country.

“One of the biggest challenges of fighting terror is by state actors communicating in riddles and of course because we have a dozen of them that are managing security in the country, each one of them communicating variously and throwing the public into confusion. We are inviting security agencies to give the country coherent and consistent information,” Mr Mpuuga said.

In the same breathe urged members of the public to coordinate with state authorities in the attempts to tame insecurity in the country.

President Museveni is expected to address the nation later today to give an update on the current fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Ms Linda Nabusayi, the senior presidential press secretary, the head of state will also speak on other matters of national importance.

Relatedly, Mr Mpuuga revealed that they (Opposition leadership) would continue through the legal channels available to secure bail for their two colleagues Makindye West MP Mr Allan Ssewanyana and the Kawempe North MP Mr Muhammad Ssegirinya, who are still incarcerated as they face several charges of murder, attempted murder, aiding and abetting terrorism to granted bail. 

The duo, which was arrested in August, has severally applied for bail, which has not been granted. 

“I would like to arouse the curiosity of judiciary that there is a contest for supremacy in this country and judiciary hold a veto in this contest as they are the fire wall where this contest takes a sharp partisan bend. We invite them to have the courage because this war of supremacy must end with the people and Constitution remaining supreme, not the state,” Mr Mpuuga said.