Over 90 people killed in Uganda during Easter

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga. PHOTO/ FRANK BAGUMA 

What you need to know:

  • Meanwhile, Traffic Police say 786 suspected offenders were apprehended in a nationwide crackdown targeting road users riding or driving without licences.

At least 91 people died in crime related incidents during the Easter holidays, authorities have said.

Police on Tuesday said from March 29-April 1, at least 45 of the above died in road crashes while the other fatalities were through murders by stabbing, electrocution, murder by shooting, drowning, suicide, sudden death, and murder by mob action, among others.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga disclosed that a total of 62 major incidents were reported to police during the period compared to 44 incidents recorded during the Easter holidays in 2023. 

“Murder by mob was the highest committed crime with 10 cases registered, followed by aggravated robbery with 9 cases while murder resulting from aggravated domestic violence registered 4 cases, among others,” Enanga told journalists in Kampala.

He added: “During the Easter festive season, 46 lives were lost but 52 suspects were arrested including criminals terrorizing people in Kito, Mabanda Cell, Matugga Ward, Gombe Division and Nansana Municipality in Wakiso District.”

Police Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety spokesperson Michael Kananura noted that from March 28 to April 1, about 125 people sustained injuries due to road crashes.

“Kampala Metropolitan Area contributed to most of the crashes followed by the regions of Albertine and Wamala. The Directorate goes ahead to carry out a number of road safety sensitizations and campaigns to promote behavioural change across the country,” Kananura emphasized.

“Out of these, 89 were without driving licenses, 435 had expired licenses, 257 were driving out of class and five had forged driving licenses,” he explained.

“All the 89 defaulters driving without licenses were arrested and taken to court. A total number of 329 drivers who were driving beyond the prescribed limits were issued with Express Penalty Scheme (EPS) tickets,” he added.

Traffic police disclosed that 1,019 riders were arrested without crash helmets and issued EPS tickets.

They were also tasked to produce crash helmets before they were given back their motorcycles,

Kananura said such operations will intensify even after the Easter season.