Police Court Recommends Kirumira's Demotion


The Police Disciplinary Court has recommended the demotion of Muhammad Kirumira, the embattled former Buyende District Police Commander from Assistant Superintendent of Police-ASP to Assistant Inspector of Police-AIP.  

The Police Disciplinary Court chairman, Denis Odongpiny made the recommendation after finding Kirumira guilty of unlawful or unnecessary excessive use of authority contrary to section 44(1) and 24(a) of the Uganda Police code. 

In his judgment delivered on Thursday evening, Odongpiny noted that during Kirumira's tenure as the Officer in Charge of Nansana Police Station, Kirumira together with other police officers under his command went to the home of Kayizi Kamada of Nansana West 2, Nakule Zone in Wakiso district on April 19th 2014 and ordered his wife to vacate and relocate to another area, which wasn't under his mandate. 

Odongpiny also noted that on February 9th, 2014, Kirumira and officers under his command arrested Ibrahim Nsubuga and Detective Constable, Alan Ainebyona attached to the Flying squad at Namungoona Playground and paraded them before the media, saying they were robbers.

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He explained that after parading the suspects before the media, Kirumira locked them up at Nansana and Kisugu Police Stations, and later released them on police Bond without charging them or arraigning them before Court. The same court acquitted the officer of the charges of corruption and neglect of duty citing lack of sufficient evidence to pin. 

Before acquitting Kirumira of both charges, Odongpiny reprimanded him and cautioned him not to repeat the offenses. The court will write to the Police Council recommending the demotion of Kirumira for approval before the order takes effect. 

The police council is chaired by the Inspector General of Police, and is composed of Regional Police Commanders among other senior officers. Shortly after the court judgment, Kirumira told this reporter that he will appeal the judgment, saying he was convicted on hearsay. 
Kirumira also said it was wrong for police to convict him for excessive use of force yet they used the same force to arrest him early this year and also cut through his door.