Police fail to mediate Mpologoma clan, Gen. Kayanja land dispute 

Some of Matugga police officers at Mpologoma clan headquarters at Lwadda village in Matugga over the weekend. PHOTO/NOELINE NABUKENYA 

What you need to know:

  • Mr Kassim Kakembo, the officer in charge of  Matugga Police Station said when Gen Kayanja’s lease expired, he applied for renewal and is yet to receive any feedback from Buganda Land Board.

A meeting convened to resolve a land dispute between Buganda Kingdom’s Mpologoma clan leaders and Maj Gen. Elly Kayanja, a retired army officer ended with no conclusive decision taken.

On August 6, an unknown group of people descended on Mpologoma ancestral land (obutaaka)  at Lwadda Village-Matugga in Nansana Municipality, Wakiso District and started cutting down trees, and clearing the bush, a move clan leaders condemned saying it was intended to grab their land .The group cleared land measuring about seven acres and subdivided it into plots for sale.

Mpologoma clan leaders claim their entire piece of land measures 640 acres, but part of it (25 acres ) was leased to Gen.Kayanja by Buganda Land Board BLA, without their consent and his 49-year lease expired in July 2022.

In a closed door meeting at Matugga Police Station over the weekend, both parties failed to agree on how to resolve the dispute .

Mpologoma clan was represented by Hajj Yunus Ntale, Mr Charles Sserwadda, and Mr Emmanuel Kato while Gen Kayanja was accompanied by his son Mr Douglas Kayanja, Lt. Leonard Lule, a guard to Gen. Kayanja, and Mr Kabogere Kabuye ,Gen.Kayanja’s brother .

The meeting was chaired by Mr Julius Muhairwe , the head of land desk at Matugga Police station and Mr Patrick Mugwanya, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Chairperson in Matugga.

According to Mr Ssewadda, during the weekend meeting, Gen. Kayanja wanted to negotiate with Mpologoma leaders to give them 3 acres, but they rejected the offer.

“We are the landlords. Is it fair for a tenant  to suggest what portion [of land ]  to give us on our land? If Buganda Land Board wants to renew his contract, let them give him another piece of land but not on our cultural site,” one of the clan leaders said.

Hajj Yunus  Ntale, the Mpologoma Clan spokesperson said their eyes are wide open and will not allow any move by Gen. Kayanja to secure another lease on the land .

“Our next step is to mobilise all members of Mpologoma Clan to storm BLB offices and demand our land title. We have been patient for long and we feel betrayed,” he said.

One of Gen Kayanja’s aides who preferred anonymity said the meeting was private and his boss was uncomfortable to discuss what transpired.

“He [Gen.Kayanja] is not ready to speak to Journalists, we are going to fight this battle out of the cameras,” one of Gen.Kayanja’s aides said  

Mr Kassim Kakembo, the Officer in Charge of  Matugga Police Station said when Gen Kayanja’s lease expired, he applied for renewal and is yet to receive any feedback from BLB.

“We ask the clan members to follow the law to get back their piece of land from Gen Kayanja. But in the meantime, he [Gen.Kayanja] is waiting for feedback from BLB to renew His lease ,” he said on September 25.

Buganda Kingdom Spokesperson, Mr Israel Kaziibwe told Monitor recently that the kingdom is aware of the issues concerning the Mpologoma clan land and a meeting involving all interested parties will soon be convened to look into the matter .