Review sponsorship to profit poor - Kagonyera

Makerere Chancellor Mondo Kagonyera

What you need to know:

The Makerere University Chancellor notes that quality secondary education is now for the rich and the ones eligible for government sponsorship.

Kanungu- The Chancellor of Makerere University, Prof Mondo Kagonyera, has urged leaders to change the policy of selecting government sponsored students to public universities, saying it favours rich families.

Prof Kagonyera said when his generation was in secondary school, students from all family backgrounds fairly competed for government sponsorship unlike today where quality secondary education is exclusive to the wealthy.

“For us we came from villages where we competed for bursaries. But now those who are going to university (on government sponsorship) are those from (Kings College) Budo. You (leaders) must fight the policy of saying those from Budo get government scholarship, not those from Kihiihi (schools),” Prof Kagonyera said.

He made the remarks while presiding over a fundraising campaign dubbed “Walk for the Mother” in Kihiihi Town, Kanungu District at the weekend.
The 7km walk was aimed at raising Shs50m for medical equipment for Rugyeyo Health Centre IV. It was organised by International Convention of Banyakigezi Uganda Chapter.

Government currently sponsors 4,000 students annually in institutions of higher learning. Of these, 3,000 are on academic merit while 1,000 slots are for special needs and talents. Districts take 896 students through the quota system.

Prof Kagonyera urged people of Kigezi to educate children because the land is increasingly reducing, adding that in the near future, one will only depend on their head.

“As long as there are qualified teachers and there is discipline, we can make it. These forests will be no more, and you will remain with this box, the head,” he said.

The chancellor advised Kigezi residents to be committed to building and developing themselves without having to wait for others to transform their community.