Schools get computers to facilitate e-learning

Mr Issa Kararira, the Executive Director NHDA handing over computers to Hon Rosemary Sseninde. Right is Mr Joseph Luswata, the head teacher of Kitala SS. Photo | Eve Muganga

What you need to know:

  • According to the project coordinator Mr Hashim Kapere, providing ICT units to students will positively impact not only the students but also the entire communities.

Ten government-aided secondary schools have received computers to promote e-learning during this Covid-19 period.  

Embrace Relief, a United States NGO in partnership with Nile Humanitarian Development Agency and other partners donated 156 computers to 10 schools under the Accessible Computer Technology (ACT-US) project to improve the educational outcomes in regions of Uganda with limited access to the internet.

During the ACT-US project opening ceremony held over the weekend at Kitala Secondary School in Katabi Town Council, the State Minister for Primary Education Rosemary Sseninde said her foundation, Sseninde Foundation, lobbied for 10 government secondary schools within Wakiso, Mukono, and Busoga Sub-Region.

"I want to recognize Embrace Relief for making this program possible. We are well aware of the importance of providing Uganda’s students with the tools they need to succeed and this program is very valuable in making our ministry’s vision of strengthening the structures, possible. This partnership will certainly add value to national development and we hope to see the program expand in the future,” she said.

The minister encouraged schools to embrace ICT: “We haven’t given you these computers to leave them in boxes and remain intact. These computers are pre-installed with applications dedicated to general school subjects such as biology, physics, and math among others, therefore, put them into good use.”

According to the project coordinator Mr Hashim Kapere, providing ICT units to students will positively impact not only the students but also the entire communities.

“Improving educational outcomes will lead to the expansion of economic opportunities and reduced levels of poverty. The opportunity for economic development and innovation will increase thus leading to the advancement of economic opportunities on an individual and national level,” he said.

Mr Issa Kirarira, the executive director of Nile Humanitarian Development Agency, urged head teachers to protect these computers.

“This is not the end, we shall be bringing in more computers so I urge you, head teachers, to take responsibility to find provisional ways to make sure that these computers are protected and used properly,” he said.

Mr Joseph Luswata, the Kitala SS head teacher said they have been having computer challenges, but after acquiring these computers, he hopes the problem will be solved.

“The school has more than 1200 students, but we had no computers and computer laboratory. Students have been attending computer lessons at St Savio Kisubi Primary at a fee of Shs1million per term and sit their computer exams from Kisubi University at a fee of Shs500,000 per class which has been costly. Now that we have acquired our computers, we are happy because we shall conduct computer lessons from our school because we got computer laboratory.”

Schools that have benefited from the project include; Kitala SS, Wanyange girls, Naguru Seed, Mende Kalema SS, Kisowela SS, Buhinga SS in Bugweri, Aggrey Memorial, Buwambo SS, Namulonge SS, and Jjungo SS. Each school received 15 computers.