Sebei, Bugisu planners of Muhoozi project quit

Ruling NRM party leaders in Sironko endorse President Museveni for the 2026 bid at the district headquarters last weekend. PHOTO/ FRED WAMBEDE

What you need to know:

  • The coordinators say they have tried to spread the message but Gen Muhoozi is not committed to replacing his father.

A section of coordinators who have been spearheading campaigns to promote the presidential ambitions of the First Son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, in Sebei, Bugisu and Bukedi sub-regions have quit, saying the project is a sham.

Last month, Gen Muhoozi tweeted that he wanted to become Uganda’s president to repay his “great mother.”
“The only way I can re-pay my great mother is by being President of Uganda! And I shall definitely do it!!” he said.

However, some of his army of loyalists have started abandoning the campaign, expressing doubt on Gen Muhoozi’s candidacy in the 2026 presidential election.

Mr Kalifan Chemutai, who has been coordinating Sebei region, told Daily Monitor on Tuesday that they resolved to dissociate from the group and form their own political party.

“We have started dismantling the network we had created for the MK project after we realised that this is another ploy to blindfold us. We are starting our party,” Mr Chemutai, who is also a former MP contestant for Tingey County, said.

The sub-region had about 300 mobilisers for the MK project.
Mr Alex Seiko, one of the mobilisers said they had tried to support Gen Muhoozi but its not possible.

“We have spread messages on social media and popularised him but he is not committed to replacing his father,” he said.

In Bukedi, most of the supporters joined National Resistance Movement party youth leaders to endorse President Museveni for 2026.

They made the endorsement at the weekend after rock climbing to demonstrate the journey that President Museveni made from Garamba to Mirembe to liberate Uganda.

The youth MP for eastern region, Mr Bernard Odoi Onen, said the NRM leaders have asked Mr Museveni to continue uninterrupted. “President Museveni is a strong leader, who is still capable of solving the country’s pressing challenges and, therefore there is no need for his replacement,” he said.

Ms Barbara Namisi, the secretary for finance in Budaka District youth council, said they would vote  Mr Museveni but requested him to revive the Youth Livelihood programme.

The Sironko Distrit NRM chairperson, Mr Suleiman Lumolo, urged whoever has presidential ambitions to shelve them.

“The achievements presided over by our President are enough to have him on the ballot again,” Mr Lumolo said.

Mr Ramathan Mafabi, one of the mobilisers of MK project in Sironko, said Gen Muhoozi had failed to show them direction.

However, the vice chairperson of Muhoozi project, Mr Balam Byarugaba, said: “Why are they panicking? Why are they endorsing the President when he has not even served half of his term. Politics is for energetic, not lazy and tired people whose password is to survive on President Museveni.”

Mr Byarugaba said those who felt disillusioned were free to leave.
“The final structure can only be constituted or made by appointment by the Afande (Gen Muhoozi) at the right time and remember our motto is ‘Museveni now, Muhoozi next’,” he said.

Mr Byarugaba said MK project has several groups which include team Chairman MK Project, MK Army, Revolutionary Guard, Mission 2026, Agenda 2026 and each group has its own structure.

“Elections are being conducted by groups and as of now, Afande (Muhoozi) is not allowed to participate in politics because he is serving army officer,” he said.

Mr Abdullah Magambo, the national Unity Platform Party mobiliser, who is also deputy speaker of Mbale City, said those supporting Gen Muhoozi were after monetary benefits.

“President Museveni has never thought of another president after him and those supporting Gen Muhoozi know that but they are only after financial benefits,” he said.