Stop speculating about Kabaka’s health - Mengo

Buganda Kingdom Katikkiro (Prime Minister) Charles Peter Mayiga (right) gestures during a press conference on April 16, at Bulange, Mengo. PHOTO/MICHAEL KAKUMIRIZI

What you need to know:

  • Since the kabaka’s 66th birthday, there has been a spate of concern over his health.

Buganda Kingdom has warned of a ploy by its enemies to use the health of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II to destroy the kingdom.
A statement issued yesterday by the Kabaka’s press secretary, Mr Sam Dick Kasolo, pointed out ‘malice and intent to instigate hatred among Kabaka’s officials, especially Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga.

“There is a clear discernible plot by those enemies of Buganda to use this opportunity by creating rifts among the people of Buganda and undermining the Kabaka’s officials, especially Katikkiro Mayiga,” Mr Kasolo said.
Mr Mayiga has lately been a subject of criticism and ridicule from the people, who have repeatedly questioned his silence when the Kabaka was first reported sick last year.

However, after images of the Kabaka during the celebrations to mark his 66th birthday on April 13 appeared to show him frail emerged, Mr Mayiga announced that the Kabaka was suffering from an allergy three days later, adding that he was receiving the best care.

“I would like to urge you to disregard the rumours on social media that the Kabaka had been poisoned. They are totally wrong, baseless and unfounded. They cause unnecessary anxiety,” Mr Mayiga said in a televised address.
In yesterday’s statement issued by Mr Kasolo, the kingdom denied a new round of rumours that the Kabaka had been admitted to Nakasero hospital.

“The malicious falsehoods have ranged from an allegation that Kabaka had passed away last year or that he was admitted on emergency basis to Nakasero hospital a few days ago,” Mr Kasolo stated.

“While we continue to pray for Kabaka and his long life, there is increasing concern and a need to guard against speculative, false and outrightly malicious allegations circulating on social media,” Mr Kasolo wrote.

He said the spreaders of such information were enemies of Buganda, adding that the kingdom is still strong.
He asked the masses not to contribute to the spread of false information, which he said is intended to cause fear, alarm and undue excitement.
Mr Kasolo said it is not only Mr Mayiga who has faced a barrage of attacks but also other senior members of the Royal family, eminent personalities and officials of the Kabaka’s government.

“The effort to weaken the kingdom shall not succeed. The disguised concern for the kingdom should not deceive anyone. Falsehoods and malicious allegations are being instigated and spread by people who claim to love and be concerned about the Kabaka, whereas not,” Mr Kasolo said.