Taking pictures, videos in restricted areas of Entebbe airport illegal- CAA

A notice from Uganda Civil Aviation Authority banning travellers frm taking pictures or recording videos at Entebbe Airport pictured on February 2, 2023. PHOTO/ IVAN KAMANA WALUNYOLO  

Uganda’s aviation authorities on Thursday put up a notice banning travellers from taking pictures or recording videos of what they described as restricted areas of Entebbe International Airport.
According to Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) spokesperson, Mr Vianney Luggya, this is not a new guideline “and should not be misconceived.” 

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“It has always been illegal to take pictures or videos in restricted areas of the airport’s terminal building without getting prior permission. Even journalists who access the terminal building for official coverage of activities first go through a formal clearance process before they can be allowed to take photos and videos of specific areas/activities,” Mr Luggya said on Thursday.

This comes days after UCAA said they would act on allegations of misconduct of their staff at the airport if the complainant provides credible evidence.
In his explantion, Mr Luggya said: “For the complaints, we only need an indication of what may have happened on a particular day and the matter is investigated with reference to CCTV footage, among others. Gathering of evidence doesn't have to be done with breaking of another Regulation.”
Parliament on Wednesday put the Minister of Works and Transport, Gen Katumba Wamala, to task to explain the alleged corruption at the airport.  
The House chaired by Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa tasked the minister to separate the management of the airport from the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCCA). 
The lawmakers also asked the minister to provide regulatory oversight instead of getting involved in day-to-day management of the airport.
Last week, Tayebwa instructed the minister to present a statement on the allegations of corruption at Entebbe airport. 

Gen Katumba complied with the directive and presented a statement on the recent events at the airport that cast the only international air gateway of the country in the wrong light. 
Gen Katumba explained that the revelation of corruption at the airport was an eye opener, which in turn led to many positive changes. He, however, said the issue of corruption is not only at the airport, but national crisis that must be confronted head on.
“It is not only at the airport, every institution has the same problem. So, we need to address moral decay as a requirement,” Gen Katumba said.
He added that measures have since been put in place. He said the joint security meeting held on January 17 resolved that effective February 10, departing passengers will access the airport using the new remodified passenger terminal building.