Three foreigners arrested over Ugandan passports

Mr Simon Mundeyi, Internal Affairs ministry spokesperson. PHOTO/FILE

Police have arrested three foreign nationals over allegations of fraudulently acquiring Ugandan passports.

The suspects include a Burundian, a Nigerian and a Rwandan. Mr Simon Mundeyi, spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, yesterday said the suspects have been staying in Uganda for some time. 

Mr Mundeyi said the Burudian suspect first came to Uganda in August 2015. 

He allegedly claimed to be a Munyankole from Kiruhura District and using fraudulent means, he managed to acquire a Ugandan National Identification card, which he used to obtain a Uganda passport. 

“He was arrested from Busia border post trying to exit Uganda for Germany using the Ugandan passport,” Mr Mundeyi said.

Mr Mundeyi said the Nigerian suspect claimed to be a businessman dealing in computers. 

The suspect is said to have been frequently travelling to Uganda, and according to his last travel document, he travelled to Uganda on February 5 via Katuna border post. 

“He also registered and got a National ID, which he used to apply for a Ugandan passport. Our keen officers at the interview section immediately suspected that he wasn’t a Ugandan citizen,” Mr Mundeyi said.

He added: “But to give him a benefit of doubt, we asked him to bring a relative to authenticate his rather incoherent story, so he presented a one Gibson, a Ugandan, as one.” 
He said the Nigerian suspect and Gibson were both arrested last week. 

Ugandan brokers
“The Ugandan is one of the brokers who have been helping foreign nationals in Kampala to acquire National IDs using false information and there after applying for Ugandan passports,” Mr Mundeyi said. 

The Rwandan suspect, a resident of Kitemu in Wakiso District, is said to have come to Uganda last year through a non-gazetted border point. He later connected with one Shaffic, who allegedly helped him get a National ID. 

“He impersonated Shaffic and used his information, including his parents’ details for a National ID, as well as applying for the Ugandan passport,” Mr Mundenyi said.

The suspect, however, escaped from police custody at Jinja Police Station.

Mr Mundeyi urged foreigners who want to apply for Uganda citizenship to go through the right procedures. 

“Ugandan passports are for Ugandans. The other way through which a foreigner can acquire Ugandan citizenship is through registration and after fulfilling all requirements,” he said.