TOP SHOTS: 20 arrested as Makerere students protest tuition increment

At least 20 Makerere University students were arrested on Tuesday during their protest against 15 percent cumulative tuition increment.
The students were intercepted by the military and riot police as they attempted to march to the president’s office to petition Mr Museveni to scrap the policy that was reportedly approved by the university council last year.

Makerere University female students exchanging with military police after they were blocked from marching to President Museveni's office at the OPM to deliver their petition over what they called unfair tuition increment on October 22, 2019


Makerere students storm police over detained colleagues

The university VC said the students were wasting time by protesting because the policy was approved by the university council

The students said the policy which will see them pay additional 75 percent of their tuition in five years’ time was unfair as some of them have already been forced into “selling their bodies” in order to meet fees obligations at the university.

Students display placards as they talk to journalists during their protest

“This university is for poor students. Those who increased the tuition have their children studying outside this country. Some of us are here selling our bodies to get tuition. Mr President we are your Bazukkulu. Please halt this policy and relieve us from selling our bodies," the students’ vice guild president, Ms Judith Nalukwago said

A student reacts during their protest against cumulative tuition increment

Students exchanging with military police after they were blocked from marching to the president's office to deliver their petition against the cumulative tuition increment. PHOTOS BY ALEX ESAGALA

Makerere University students forced onto a waiting police truck after their arrest for protesting tuition increment. At least 20 students were arrested and detained at Wandegeya police station during the protest. PHOTO BY ALEX ESAGALA

Cat and mouse chase: Military police disperse Makerere University students who were protesting tuition increment

A student is forced onto a waiting police truck after she was arrested during the protest

A student of Makerere University reacts after police and soldiers arrested them during a protest against tuition increment on October 22, 2019. PHOTO BY ALEX ESAGALA

A student on a police truck after his arrest during the protest

Students react during their protest against tuition increment