Unemployment, poverty  face Amuriat in Kampala

Presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat (C) reacts to tear gas as he campaigned in Nakawa Division in Kampala yesterday. PHOTO / RACHEL MABALA


Voters in Nakawa and Kawempe divisions yesterday asked Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat to address youth unemployment, poverty in slums and end police brutality if he wins the elections. 

The FDC flag bearer was campaigning in Kampala .
Mr Simon Opio, a resident of Naguru area, said they have lived in “squalid conditions” for a long time and government does not care about the people in slums. 

He said his father was evicted from Naguru estates in 2011 and shortly after that he died, leaving them with nothing.

“I support Amuriat because he represents the change we want. I am just tired of Museveni  and his NRM that has been deceiving us for all these years. We are in this slum because those with money and power chased our parents from the other side of Naguru,” Mr Opio said.

For Hamid Ssegirinya, the situation is not different. Mr Ssegirinya has for the last four years moved from office to office in search for a job but without any success. 

“Today, you see me like this because I have failed to get a job. My little business also closed because thieves stole everything. It’s hand-to-mouth but I am happy I am still alive. Amuriat has promised one million jobs and I only pray that he does not behave like Museveni who has been promising but has never delivered,”  Mr Ssegirinya said.

At Nakawa market, Ms Christine Nalwoga, a fruit vendor, could not hide her tears when Mr Amuriat visited the facility. 

“Amuriat came to the market without shoes. He is like us, we are all suffering. I will ask my husband to vote for him also. For us market vendors we want a person who speaks to us and has us in the heart. We have remained poor because rich people always connive with the government and chase us away from our stalls,” she said.

Mr Amuriat, who spoke at the market and other places castigated the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) government for what he called persistent lies to Ugandans for the last 34 years.

He said every election period, Mr Museveni comes up with different schemes to deceive Ugandans, but all have ended up being hoaxes.

“You remember in 1996, he came up with Entandikwa, where did it end? In 2001, he brought Bona Bagaggawale, that one fell by the road side. He came up with Naads in 2011, it was eaten by corruption,”  Mr Amuriat said.

He added: “In 2016, he came up with Operation Wealth Creation, which ended up creating poverty. Now he has come with another lie that is the Emyooga, this one will also collapse. So don’t be deceived by Museveni and his lies. When I come to power, I will make sure special programmes are designed to end poverty and help you.”