Voting cancelled as EC dispatches inaccurate ballot papers

A woman votes in Arua City. PHOTO/ FELIX WAROM OKELLO

MADI OKOLLO- Electoral Commission on Wednesday cancelled the election of district chairman in Madi Okollo district due to mismatch of photos and names of candidates.

 The anomaly was discovered by electoral officials and agents of several candidates who were receiving polling materials at several polling stations.

The District Returning Officer, Mr John Gonzaga said that since the ballot papers had errors, voting had to be cancelled.

Mr Gonzaga said that another polling date would be set after EC fixes the anomaly.

Photos of two candidates on the ballot papers in question, had a similar name.

 The affected candidates are Mr Sulaiman Onzima (Forum for Democratic Change) and Mr Bruno Onzima (independent).

However, details of Mr Ismail Drabe (National Resistance Movement), Mr Ali Muhamad (independent) and Mr Gilbert Arumadri (independent), on the ballot papers, were proper.

Ms Joyce Adania, who had turned up to vote said: “It is disappointing to have such mistakes on ballot papers because the Electoral Commission should have verified this [error] before dispatching the ballots.”