KENYA POLLS: Voting goes on smoothly in Kamukunji

A polling agent marks a voter's finger with indelible ink at a polling centre. The ink is used to prevent multiple voting. Photo by AFP

What you need to know:

She arrived in Pumwani at about 7am; the nurses rushed her baby to an incubator at the new born unit because it had developed some breathing problems.

Voters in Kamukunji constituency braved the early morning cold and long queues to cast their votes as Kenyans decided on the country’s next leadership.

Majority of voters in the constituency located in Eastlands, Nairobi queued from as early as 2am in the event that saw a 23-year old lady deliver prematurely.

The lady, Elizabeth Mwende gave birth to a premature baby at 6.15am a few minutes after the polling station in which she was voting –Muthurwa- was opened. She proceeded to vote after the delivery before being rushed to Pumwani Maternity hospital.

“The lady was so determined to vote, even after we insisted that she goes to hospital. Good Samaritans helped her deliver when she complained of continuous pain and we ensured she was safe in hospital,” said one of the policemen at guard.

She arrived in Pumwani at about 7am; the nurses rushed her baby to an incubator at the new born unit because it had developed some breathing problems.

Speaking to the Nation, Sister Kiambati the matron in charge at Pumwani said the baby was a premature and they could not tell how long she will be at the hospital.

“The baby was a premature, he weighs 1kg and we have had to put him in an incubator and also monitor him closely. He has also developed breathing problems due to the cold he was exposed to. Premature deliveries have to be done in a warm environment,” said Sister Kiambati.

Ms Mwende was not able to talk coherently since she had given medication to help her relax. However, those who helped her deliver suggest that she calls the baby Amani.

Ms Mwende also said she wanted to part of Kenya’s history in electing the leaders of her choice.

“I pushed on for Kenya, I want change,” she said.

In other parts of Kamukunji voting went on peacefully save for commotion where voters felt the IEBC officials were slowing the process.

“They have kept us here for long without telling us anything, we have information that the BVR kits are faulty,” said Eric Okello, a voter at Pumwani social hall.

Dr Evans Kidero, aspirant for the Nairobi Governor seat voted at the Pumwani Social hall a few minutes after 11 am where he urged voted to maintain peace.

At Majengo polling station, the situation was calm with majority of voters casting their votes and reverting back to their homes. By midmorning, more than 600 votes had been cast at the polling station.

Gikomba market remained calm as most shops remained closed. Voting was smooth at Kamukunji secondary school polling station as vigilant Kenyans braved the long queues. The situation was the same at shauri moyo social hall.

Majority of voters in Kamukunji were excited about the process and said the politicians had talked and it was their turn to face them back.

“I am here to show whom I listened to most and who did not convince me, it’s my time to fire those who never help this country,” said Maureen Wairimu, a voter at Kamukunji polling station.