The meaning of succession politics to Uganda’s future

Author: Robert Mugabe. PHOTO/FILE

What you need to know:

‘‘Whether Mr Museveni will continue or Mr Muhoozi will take over, makes no difference”

In the past couple of days, NRM regime apologists have been at it again, ‘endorsing’ Gen Museveni to contest for elections again in 2026. 
The national vice chairman, Mr Moses Kigongo, was the first to blow the whistle. Days later, NRA veterans followed suit. This included people such Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, a Bush War historical and the minister of Internal Affairs.

In the NRM playbook, that is how the drama always begins. People who are not regarded highly are assigned the responsibility to test the waters. Then, respectable members of the politburo dismiss it as idle talk by idle political actors. 
Inexplicably, sooner than later, the scheme gains traction and the rest is history. The selfish political interests of a mortal soul are promoted and those of the citizens relegated.

That is how then little known leaders such as James Kakooza, Evelyn Anite, Raphael Magyezi, etc. betrayed Ugandans in broad day light and were rewarded with ministerial appointments and cosmetic prominence in the politics of Uganda. 
As pawns used to perpetuate the rule of Mr Museveni and NRM, they are villains who sold the future of Uganda for silver coins.
However, this time around, there is a bit of a difference in the way the scheme is being executed. 
The initial whistle has been blown by supposedly respectable veterans of the NRA Bush War. Not the Anite’s of this world. The reason is simple. Gen Museveni seems to have been preparing his son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, to succeed him albeit the actual time he wishes this to happen is not yet known. 
Certainly, Gen Museveni’s Bush War comrades are diametrically opposed to this scheme.

 They too had ambitions to rule the country. Unfortunately, Gen Museveni has out-smarted them and clung to power for close to 37 years uninterrupted. 
Therefore, to push Mr Muhoozi down their throat is to add insult to injury. The latter’s reckless tweets have not helped matters. 
To have Gen Muhoozi take over the reins of the leadership of the country from his father would be inconsolably intolerable to the Bush War historicals. It would be a big insult to the sacrifice made and the blood spilled. 

Gen Museveni seems to have been preparing his son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba (pictured)

They would rather painfully continue with the inept Museveni regime, than have his incapable and inexperienced son take over.
Regrettably, for the ordinary citizens, whether Mr Museveni will continue or Mr Muhoozi will take over, makes no difference. All the governance ills that have characterised the NRM regime will be perpetuated. 
Government will continue to be irrelevant to the lives of a significant number of Ugandan citizens.

Pain, sorrow and hopelessness will continually plague the lives of the people of Uganda. The tragedies will be many. 
The most awful to the future of Uganda, nonetheless, will be the ugly reality that the destiny of more than 40 million people would remain in the insecure and inept hand of the NRM party.
But not all hope is lost. The decadence of the regime does not give it room to think of ways that can resolve the governance malaise that has permeated it. 
The decay will continue and only get worse. This will give the people of Uganda, the opportunity to search for a solution.

The writer is a politician, trainer and writer 
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