We must now ask why Sembuya’s death wasn’t announced through a Sembule radio

Raymond Mujuni

What you need to know:

  • It is sad that as his eulogy continues to pour out on various platforms, Uganda has managed to murder its local capital with neck-deep bureaucracy designed to favor multinational capital and frustrated all its trade unions under the dizzying guise of political management. 

My grandfather kept two radio sets; a brown Sony one that he secretly stashed in a pouch in his bedroom and a black ‘all-weather’ Sembule radio. 
The brown one was reserved for occasions when he hosted visitors or when special speeches would be given. It is on it that he listened to coverage of the LRA war by the BBC. Given his affinity for the brown radio set, we often found ourselves in control of his Sembule radio. We took it on farming sprees and herded cattle down the Bunyagabu farms. It got rained on, but still it worked.


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