Church regulation: Lessons from Kenya for Uganda

I have witnessed firsthand the consequences of regulating faith-based organisations on a nation and I'm compelled to warn Uganda against walking the same path. 
The unfolding of Prophet Elvis Mbonye's warning to Kenya against establishing the religious policy, and its implications should serve as a cautionary tale to all nations.

On October 24, 2023, Prophet Elvis delivered a prophecy to Kenya, coinciding with the shocking Shakahola massacre that claimed hundreds of lives. He revealed that the episode was a trap set by the enemy to ensnare both the church and the nation.
Kenya fell prey to this scheme, leading to the accusation and subsequent attempts at regulation of the faith organisations. Shockingly, some church leaders, out of ignorance, shame and fear, advocated for government intervention.

The President of Kenya William Ruto responded by establishing a task force, which swiftly implemented stringent regulations. These included increased taxation, mandatory scholarly qualifications for clergy, up-to-date registrations, church ownership of land and buildings, declaration of wealth, among others. These restrictions encroached upon the sanctity of religious faith, resulting in some places of worship being torn down.

When the church awoke to the reality of the situation, it began to fight back against this infringement on its freedom and authority. However, it was already too late! The devil had set his bait, and the consequences were dire.
Prophet Elvis Mbonye had forewarned the nation of a judgement declaring that unnatural calamities floods in areas that had hitherto never experienced such disasters. True to his prophecy, Kenya experienced droughts, floods, unprecedented deaths, and a high increase in road accidents, sending shockwaves throughout the nation. 

This is a warning to Uganda. Do not succumb to the temptation of regulating faith organisations. It is deception from the depths of hell designed to strip away the freedom of worship.
Existing regulations are more than sufficient to cover purported objectives of the government of Uganda under the directorate of ethics in seeking to regulate church. This regulation is the epitome of wickedness.

Authored by  Rose Leticia