Mayambala suspends campaigns over brutality 

Thursday December 03 2020

Independent Presidential Candidate Willy Mayambala arrives at the Electoral commission offices to deliver his campaign suspension letter on December 2, 2020. PHOTO/ DAVID LUBOWA.

By Moses Ndhaye

Independent presidential candidate Willy Mayambala has temporarily suspended his campaigns citing the police’s continued brutality on presidential candidates.
“I am joining Hon Robert Kyakulanyi and suspending my campaigns due to the continued brutality and killing of Ugandans,” he said.

On Tuesday, Mr Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, called off his campaign to seek answers from the EC after his vehicle was sprayed with bullets and tear gas as he was campaigning in Jinja District.

Mr Mayambala also asked the Electoral Commission (EC) to change his current security guards within two days.
“If the guards are not changed, I may be compelled to indefinitely suspend the entire campaign,” Mr Mayambala stressed.
However, Mr Mayambala does not mention why his guards should be changed in the middle of his campaigns.

On Tuesday, during a scuffle with police, Mr Kyakulanyi’s aide and a police bodyguard were among the people injured when police fired teargas and rubber bullets to disperse supporters at Kyampisi Trading Centre in Kayunga District.
Mr Kyagulanyi’s car was also shot at as he attempted to bypass a military blockade when he arrived in Jinja City for his second rally.
Mr Kyagulanyi accused Justice Simon Byabakama, the EC chairperson, of keeping silent even as police continued to target his supporters.