Govt report on killings

Volunteers from the Uganda Red Cross help a woman who was shot during the protests into an ambulance in Mengo, Kampala, last Wednesday. PHOTOS/ STEPHEN OTAGE. 

Inspector General of Police- Police headquarters, Kampala  December 5, 2020

Report on incidences of deaths and other cases following riots that erupted in kampala metropolitan area and other parts of the country after the arrest of Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu, alias Bobi Wine on the 18th November, 2020.

1. Following the arrest of the presidential candidate, Hon Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu, alias Bobi Wine, on November 18, 2020 at around 11:00hrs at Kiyunga Trading Centre, Luuka District, for failure to follow the SOP (standard operating procedure) to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while on his campaign trail, riots erupted in different areas demanding his release.

2.  The mode of commission of offences, among others, were:
        I. Burning tyres in the middle of the road.
        II.   Stoning security personnel and civilians.
        III. Maliciously damaging both public and private motor vehicles/motorcycles, UG 1313W for Grade I Magistrate and UAJ 972X in Wobulenzi, UG 2307C and UG 0304G in Katwe, UG 0005O in Kyengera, UG 0104Q in Kireka UG 2420C in Kira Division and UG 3452R in Kiboga [District].
       IV. Destruction of government facilities; to wit, CCTV (closed-Circuit Television) camera in Mukono, Katwe Market Police Post and Wobulenzi Grade 1 Magistrate Court.
         V.  Assaulting police officers with dangerous weapons to wit; ASP Kasule Consolata, OC Nakivubo Police Post, was attacked by four men armed with a hammer.
         VI. Threatening and forcing female gender putting on yellow T-shirts to undress, thereby assaulting their modesty.
            VII.  Moving in large groups without observing Ministry of Health guidelines on Covid-19 and blocking other road users.
       VIII. Staging illegal road blocks and robbing valuables from road users while armed with dangerous weapons, and
         IX.  Attempted arson where fire was lit on fuel Tanker from Kenya in Busia, destined for Iganga and attempted arson of KK Petrol Station at Mizingo in Mityana District.
3.  The above incidences took place in the following areas;
     I.  Kampala Metropolitan area in the districts of Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso.
     II.  Greater Masaka in the districts of Masaka, Rakai, Kyotera.
     III.  Wamala Region in the districts of Mityana and Kiboga.
     IV. Savannah in Luweero and Wobulenzi.
     V.  Ssezibwa in Lugazi and Njeru.
    VI.  Kiira region in Jinja City and Buweng.
    VII.  Busoga East in the districts of Iganga and Namutumba. 
    VIII.  Busoga North in the districts of Luuka and Kamuli.
    IX.  Bukedi North in Budaka Town Council. 
    X.  Bukedi South in Busia Town Council.
    XI.   Aswa in Gulu City.
                   XII.    Arua City in West Nile.
 4.  Joint security forces namely; UPF (Uganda Police Force) and UPDF (Military Police, UPDF 1st Division [in] Kakiri) countered the rioters where 54 deaths were registered.
5.  Some of the rioters confronted the security personnel with stone and other dangerous weapons like pangas, hammers and spears, such as ASP Kasule Consolata, OC Nakivubo Police Post.
6.  Out of the above, a number of suspects were arrested and various charges preferred against them.
7.  A total of 269 cases involving riotous situation were registered in the country between 18th and 20th November, 2020. Of these, 175 were taken to court, 90 cases are still under enquiry while 04 cases were closed and put away by RSA.
8.  1,035 suspects were arrested, of whom 901 suspects were charged [in] court including Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu, 734 were remanded, 167 released on court bail while 113 released on police bond including [Forum for Democratic Change party president] Hon. Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat, 21 cleared and released by police.
9.  51 accused [persons] were convicted and sentenced as follows.
I.  Community service were 28.
II. Caution were 20, and
III. Imprisonment for six months were 03.
 10. Fifty-four persons died in 49 incidents of death by shooting. Of these, 45 were male adult and 06 female adults and 03 male juveniles.
11.  Of the 54 deaths, 11 victims were rioters, 42 victims were hit by stray bullets while 01 victim was knocked by a vehicle motor vehicle Reg. No. UAW-827N that lost control after the driver was stoned by rioters [on] Ben Kiwanuka Street in Kampala District.
12. At the City Mortuary in Mulago, Dr. Byaruhanga Moses, Director Police Health Services, examined 45 bodies (Appendix ii) as follows;
i. 44 victims died due to fire arm injuries, and
ii. 01 victim died due to traumatic injuries
02 bodies were examined from Reginal Referral Hospital Masaka, 01 body was examined from Gombe Hospital, 01 body of Gift Nsubuga was not examined, 01 body of LDU examined by UPDF at Bombo General Military Hospital and 02 bodies examined from Regional Referral Hospital Jinja.

In conclusion, 54 victims lost their lives in 49 incidences during the 18th November riots.

Grace Akullo, Director of CID


Copy: Deputy Inspector General of

No  Location and number of dead 
1.    CPS Kampala    08
2.    Katwe    07
3.    Old Kampala    06
4.    Wandegeya    05
5.    Nansana    05
6.    Mukono    03
7.    Kawempe    03
8.    Kira Division    03
9.    Entebbe    02
10    Nsangi    02
11    Jinja    02
12    Wakiso    01
13    Seeta    01
14    Butambala    01
15    Mpigi    01
16    Luweero    01
17    Wobulenzi    01
18    Kinoni-Lwengo    01
19    Rakai    01
 Total- 54

Youth burn tyres in Masaka City during the riots on November 18, 2020. PHOTO/DAVID LUBOWA

Summary of November 18/19 incidents 

N0.  Incident and number of cases
1.    Incitement to violence    66
2.    Death by shooting    48
3.    Negligent act likely to cause spread of disease    37
4.    Managing unlawful society    27
5.    Malicious damage to property    22
6.    Malicious damage of road    14
7.    Obstruction of the road    12
8.    Unlawful assembly    11
9.    Common nuisance    06
10    Unlawful wounding    04
11    Aggravated robbery & malicious damage    03
12    Disobedience of lawful orders    03
13    Attempted murder    02
14    Assault    02
15    Attempted arson    02
16    Arson    02
17    Assault on police officer    01
18    Aggravated robbery    02
19    Simple robbery    01
20    Stealing from Motor vehicle    01
21    Assaulting modesty of a woman    01
22    Fatal accident    01
23    Defacing posters    01
TOTAL        269

N0. Region and number of cases
1.    KMP Metropolitan Police South    68
2.    KMP North    65
3.    KMP East    45
4.    Wamala    20
5.    Busoga North    19
6.    Greater Masaka    15
7.    Kiira    07
8.    Elgon    07
9.    Katonga    05
10    Ssezibwa    04
11    Savannah    04
12    Bukedi    03
13    Busoga East    03
14    Aswa    01
15    Bukedi North    01
16    West Nile    01
17    Mt. Moroto    01
 TOTAL    269

Source: Uganda Police