I lost my love to cancer two weeks after our engagement

Sad memories. Mr Ronnie Nsubuga, the managing director of Crystal Models, who lost his fiancee to breast cancer. Photo by Eric Ntalumbwa

What you need to know:

  • Prevention. This month, we commiserate with cancer patients, celebrate with the survivors, and call upon everybody to go for screening because early detection saves lives.
  • Today, Ronnie Nsubuga shares a story about his fiancée who hid from him the fact that she had breast cancer until days after they got engaged.

“I am very sorry Ronnie. I did not want to tell you that I have breast cancer. I have been trying to treat it.” The news perplexed Ronnie Nsubuga. His plans for Rebecca Nakintu were shattered. He suddenly felt like he had been hit by a train as he stood beside her at the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI).


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