Museveni asks Lango to elect only NRM leaders

Wednesday September 16 2020
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President Museveni. FILE PHOTO

By Charity Akullo
By Isaac Otwii

  • President Museveni has asked the people of Lango to vote only National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidates in order for the sub-region to develop.

Mr Museveni made the remarks in a speech read for him by his personal assistant, Ms Milly Babirye Babalanda, at the launch NRM’s 100-member taskforce  in Lango Sub-region at the Uganda Technical College, Lira City, on Monday.

 The taskforce will coordinate and hunt for votes for the President in the forthcoming elections.
“Do not support me alone but send me friendly leaders who I can work with. Vote NRM candidates alongside me; voting other parties makes work difficult,” the President said.
“For the best results, the leadership chain should match. People here still think that Dr Apollo Milton Obote, their most prominent son ever will return!” he said.
Mr Museveni asked the people to understand and accept that governments change.

“We now have the people’s government of unity under NRM. It is the new era of bridge-building and fundamental change. Even the Obote family is on board. NRM celebrates the memory of Dr Obote despite the differences that existed then,” Mr Museveni added.
The President further praised his NRM party for ensuring infrastructure development, connecting the Lango Sub-region and turning Lira into a city.

“If you vote well… in the forthcoming election, lobbying will be strengthened and money will come to fund wealth creation and development programmes,” he said.
Mr Joseph Mukasa Sewava, a communication officer at the office of the NRM national chairman, said the newly launched coordinators will help hunt votes and protect NRM votes in the coming elections.
The team is spread in Otuke, Lira, Lira City, Dokolo, Amolatar, Alebtong, Kwania, Oyam, Kole, and Apac districts.

The NRM vice chairperson for northern Uganda, Mr Jacob Oulanyah, urged the coordinators to embrace unity in order to achieve the goal of securing votes for President Museveni.
“If people do not relate to what you are telling them, you will not persuade them. You must know the candidate you are going to market and conduct yourself well,” he said.