Altona League gears up for Edition Two

Friday June 18 2021
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Best time. Kisawuzi will be the girl to beat in the second edition of the Altona-BSK League that starts today in Muyenga. PHOTO \ ISMAIL KEZAALA

By Makhtum Muziransa

The second edition of the Altona-BSK (British School of Kampala) starts this evening, with the butterfly leg, in Muyenga.

Tara Kisawuzi set the 15.2 seconds meet record in the 25m butterfly, during the first round on May 14, and it will be the time to beat as the swimmers push to cash-in on Day One of the new edition.

Abigail Mwagale, captain of the leading side Talons, was one second behind Kisawuzi and has it all to do in individual races this season.

Mwagale's team dominated the first edition - winning the most points in the butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle rounds to lead the table standings with three edition points.

Kisawuzi's Colts were hard done by absenteeism of some team members despite her brilliant individual performances.

"With hard work and consistency (in turning up), we can fight back," Kisawuzi said at the end of Edition One. 


Whether her teammates will heed to the call is the big question of this round.

Colts, however, have a chance to beef up their squad as the second editions starts with a final qualifying round to draft in new swimmers.

Alice Mwase, Ethan Kalungi, Elizabeth Mpora, Divine Kalungi, Michael Kato and Daniel Wasswa are all 1.9 seconds away from being drafted. Colts will take the fastest qualifier.




1. Tara Kisawuzi (Colts) - 180points

2. Abigail Mwagale (Talons) -  176

3. Paula Nabukeera (Talons) - 126

4. Chriton Kato (Talons) - 104

    Sonia Mwere (Talons) - 104


1. Tara Kisawuzi (Colts) - 15.2 seconds

2. Abigail Mwagale (Talons) - 16.2

3. Shafia Ntabazi (Talons) -16.5

4. Chriton Kato (Talons) -17

 Paula Nabukeera (Talons) - 17