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Simple remedies to manage stomach upsets

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chewing gum 

By Stella Nakakande

Posted  Monday, December 30  2013 at  02:00

The festive season comes with merry making and a lot of food to eat. Some of the foods however may cause stomach upset or discomfort. Here, we look at common conditions people experience and how they can be managed.

Stomach gas
This condition can be managed by taking clean water. First, the water has to be boiled and allowed to cool to the temperature level at which one would normally take their tea. Drinking tea that has cinnamon can also help relief stomach gas.

This is not an experience to have especially during the festive period, but you can manage it by taking yoghurt to restore the normal microorganisms in the intestines. However, it is advisable to keep away from other dairy products such as milk.
•Fruit juice other than apple to keep you rehydrated, hot water bottle to relieve the abdominal cramps, soup with a little salt can also be helpful.
•You can also make tea using orange peels and take it when it is cool.
•Ordinary tea can also be helpful since it has substances called tannins that have anti-diarrhoeal effects.

When you are constipated, taking tea with cinnamon in order to achieve the laxative effects is crucial.
•Coffee is also recommended as it has the same effect as tea.
•Alternatively, you can take lukewarm, mildly concentrated tea with a lot of sugar, or take honey mixed with warm water.
•Eating at least two ripe bananas after every meal prevents one from getting constipated. But if the constipation already exists, then increasing your intake of these foods will be helpful.

One tablespoon of baking soda in half cup of water, or taking aloe vera juice is a good remedy to manage heartburn.
•Chewing gum after meals is also a recommended remedy as it increases saliva production which eventually reduces the level of acid.
•Drinking warm water mixed with lemon juice early in the morning before any meal helps the body to balance out its acid levels, thereby preventing heartburn.