I plan weekly meals and outfits

Saturday August 31 2019

Rachel Luwedde is the public relations manager

Rachel Luwedde is the public relations manager at Hariss International Limited, the manufacturer of Riham products. Courtesy photo 

By Paul Murungi

Plan ahead. Rachel Luwedde is the public relations manager at Hariss International Limited, the manufacturer of Riham products. She describes herself as a vibrant, hardworking Christian woman. She had a chat with Paul Murungi and shares how she juggles many tasks in a typical week.

On a typical day, I set my alarm for 6am and usually wake up by 6am. I normally get to work by 8.30am. I start my Monday by setting objectives to achieve through the week. I divide these objectives between my work and personal life.
Mondays are synonymous with meetings. My team and I convene to review the previous week’s performance, what needs to change and set goals for the new week. Having a managerial position means that one handles more than the basic roles. Many times, I find myself leaving office late.

I call Tuesday my ‘new Monday’. This is when I actually start to work. My department is divided into different sections and I have to make sure that the team is working. I have to ensure that campaigns and strategies set for the week are working out fine.
I carry out feasibility studies with the team on how to execute the work and assess service providers.
I also handle other public relations audits under media and internal relations and identify any discrepancies that need to be resolved. So, my Tuesday is typically an action-packed day.

My Wednesday involves taking part in activities or events outside the company. Such events include media appearances on radio or television and functional events pertaining to the needs of our external stakeholders.
Both are normally pre-planned to ensure a positive brand. On a personal note, Wednesday is also my church’s cell day. I normally leave work on time to attend cell fellowships.
It is an environmental day. As beverage manufactures, part of my job is to ensure that what we produce does not create a negative impact to the environment.
So, I work on our ongoing environmental projects every Thursday. It is also a day I check on friends after work. Sometimes, we go out to watch a band perform or pass by the cinema for a movie.

We call it a happy day at work. It is more casual. We review internal projects and look at the events we have been planning for the weekend. Sometimes we celebrate in-house birthdays or other special events.
This day is also personal to me. I usually prefer ‘me time’ on Friday. I go to the spa or dinner for one or two or I stay indoors to watch a movie or read a good book.

This day is dedicated for report writing and reviewing. I review several reports from different sections of the department.
I also compile my own reports. At a personal level, this is the day I go for shopping, visit a salon and do home chores.


This is the day I have heavy breakfast and head to church. After prayers, I meet with family members or head home to prepare my weekly meals. I have a weekly meal planner that guides me on what to cook for the whole week. I always have a dish for each day. I also plan my outfits for the whole week. I do not like the hassle of deciding on what to wear early in the morning.